Sponsor a Guinea Pig in April — Clarence!

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Clarence is Sponsor a Guinea Pig’s pick for April!

Clarence is an absolutely adorable piggy. He came into Small Angels in April of 2009 as part of a large group taken to a local animal shelter when their owner was moving away.

He was in a poor state on arrival, thin, weak, and dehydrated. He was thought to be an older piggie, due to his conformation, but the lady piggies who came in with him were all pregnant and in due course gave birth to babies who bore a striking resemblance to him (!)

Clarence suffered from chronic diarrhea and on and off he also had a runny eye and nostril for most of the summer. After being neutered he remained in the rescue for an assortment of treatments. In the Autumn he was found to have an abscess under his jaw and the prognosis was poor, so we had to decide if he was a good candidate for surgery or not (the alternative being euthanasia). It was a difficult decision, but throughout all these months he had remained perky and lively, in spite of still being somewhat thin. So we decided to give surgery a go.

Clarence tolerated a long course of antibiotics and then had surgery to drain the abscess and remove a rotton tooth. It was successful! Since then, he has remained on anti-biotics twice weekly and needed probiotics to address the resulting diarrhea.

Clarence is a delightful little guy, amazing us with his upbeat character and endearing manner. Recently he has gained a little weight and he gets very excited about having his veggies, hopping up on his wooden house to wait for them.Clarence also still likes to chat to the ladies 🙂

Visit their blog for more info on Clarence!


Laboratory Guinea Pigs Rescued in TX

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Texas Rustlers, the biggest guinea pig rescue in all of Texas, recently took in a group of guinea pLab Guinea Pigsigs that had been used as laboratory test subjects.  This is the second time they have been flooded with these animals!  The University of Texas used guinea pigs in studies again last year, and then was going to euthanize them if they weren’t adopted.  During the first intake, they assured the rescue that they were “no longer using guinea pigs”, and then this year there were more guinea pigs on the “chopping block”.

The last group were extremely terrified of people and skittish to no end.  They were afraid of their big cages, and of food and toys, and were in a sad state indeed.  If you’re in the Texas area and have some room in your heart, these little ones are in need of homes that will be patient with them as they learn to live the lives of spoiled guinea pigs.

Keep up to date on these brave little piggies on Texas Rustler’s web site or check out more of their story on Guinealynx’s Placement Forums.