Welcome Charmeck Rats!

Posted in intakes at 8:00 am by Jenn

A great big welcome to a big group of Rattie Girlseight girl rats that were pulled from Charmeck Animal Control.  These girls were part of a hoarder bust in Lincoln County from a person that had 300+ animals on their property!  They are from the same group that Fry and Bender and Persia and Mischa.

These girls are pretty shy, but overall very friendly and extra excited to be here at ACR&S.  (Also they are very mischevious, and when I moved their cages into the bathroom to rearrange this weekend, they unrolled my entire roll of toilet paper and made a nest)!

Right now, their biggest drawback is their coloring — in rats, the least adopted colors are pink-eyed whites (or “PEWs”).  Of the group of eight, two are PEWs, three are fawn (peach) hooded, 1 is champagne hooded (a very light beige), one is a very poorly marked siamese (to the point where she could probably be called a PEW) and one is agouti.

So big welcome to Chandra, Rhea, Caliban, Callisto, Indigo, Saffron, Tegan, and Lila!

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