Happy Homecoming Sinatra!

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Because of medical problems happening in the Raleigh pig commune, I have been grossly late in congratulating Sinatra on his new home, and his new parents, Diane and Mark.Chilling on the couch.

Sinatra found his forever home with extremely bunny savvy parents on August 9th. They were delighted to meet him, and he was thrilled with his new house and his special bunny room. He’s also got a new pal named Lester that they will be starting introductions with quite soon.

Already famous for his diva-power, Sinatra quickly had everyone wrapped around his little paws, by requiring “star treatment” in his placement of litterboxes. On the bright side, he is at least a friendly little diva bunny, and his mom says he loves getting groomed and petted, and just flops out anywhere for that to happen.

Despite his tiny size (only 2.5 lbs!) he has made fast friends with their kitties, and seems to enjoy making sure they know who’s boss.

He was a darling at our house, and much loved, so we were excited for such an doting family to fall in love with this snuggle bunny!

Sinatra’s story is one that should give every homeless animal hope. He was abandoned outside and found wandering by one of the vets that worked at the local shelter. There, he was so terrified of all the strange smells and noises that his shelter picture made him look ridiculously scary, with giant eyes, an oversized head, and an overall scary look. It was because of that that ACR&S took him. We felt like no one else would fall in love with such a bizarre looking rabbit.

Once he came into foster, he truly blossomed. Better pictures made him not as scary, and he proved himself to be such a cuddlebug and natural snuggler that he was irresistable. So he went from abandoned street bunny to pampered superstar with a family to call his own.

Thank you again Diane and Mark, we appreciate you opening your home and hearts to darling Sinatra!


Congratulations Fozzie and Kismet!

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This past Saturday (July 19), Fozzie and Kismet, the longest fosters we have had at ACR&S since I became the local coordinator, went to their forever home.

Fozzie was from a litter of shelter pigs whose adopters contacted us for help in placement. Kismet was purchased pregnant from a big box pet store (you know, the ones that sell only one sex to prevent missexing?), but ended up being pregnant. Her owner dumped both her and her young son off at a dog rescue in South Carolina. Her son was adopted as a partner for an older male, and his new owner called us, distressed, asking us if we had room for Kismet.

So she caught several rides north and came to ACR&S, where she and a neutered Fozzie quickly became close friends.

But while other pigs were adopted, nobody seemed interested in this pair. Even older pigs who were considered “less” adoptable, like our 4 year old boys from a hoarder bust, found homes as Fozzie and Kismet were left behind.

This weekend, it quickly became clear that they were waiting for a special family of adopters to move cross country in order to find their perfect home! Jamie and her family opened up their hearts (and fridges) to the duo, and in a very short time it was clear that it was love as first sight.

They quickly settled in, and now their new mom says:

Right now Fozzie is on the couch and Kismet is mad that she is not out. I walked past her home and she ran up to me, she has learned fast that lap time = treat time.
Guinea pigs are lovable, but they are not above being mercenary with their affections. With the correct bribing, they do quickly learn that the loud bipeds who wander around generally come with food and are to be tolerated.


Mia’s Happy Tail!

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Congratulations to Mia Hamm and her new mom and dad, Carrie and Michael!

Mia Hamm got to go home for the holidays on July 4th. Carrie and Michael had just lost their special hamster buddy Freddie, and saw Mia on our Petfinder and were smitten! They quickly filled out an application, went through our approval process, and then excitedly waited to meet their new buddy.

According to Carrie, Mia has settled in very well! She already climbs out of her cage and into her new dad’s hands, and has consented to use their hamster ball! (Carrie and Michael must have magic powers, Mia looked at me like I was loony when I tried to let her use a hamster ball…) She has continued her wheel-based exercise regiment, and seems perfectly at home.

Mia originally came from a local shelter, abandoned with several other hamsters in their overnight box. Everybody else was adopted, but they left Mia behind! ACR&S took her in to allow them more room for small animals, and to socialize her more extensively (although she was already ridiculously friendly). We’re happy that she has found her new place where she can be spoiled and cuddled as she deserves!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, we at ACR&S have a penchant for a good pun. Mia is named after real life soccer player, Mia Hamm. We have also had a rabbit named Paula Bunyan. It’s ok, groan away.


More pigs find homes!

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We’ve had another busy, amazing week at ACR&S!

This past Saturday (June 28th), baby Ruxpin (the runt and only boy of the litter pulled from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter) went to his forever home! We paired him up with Cindy’s lucky pig Maxwell. Maxwell was already a beloved family pet who was quite spoiled — he had his own 2×6 C&C cage, with a ton of toys, organic hay, and lots of yummy pellets!

On the couch.Unfortunately, Maxwell had already failed one introduction, quite badly, with a guinea pig from a different rescue. Since Maxwell was a teenager (the age where a pairing failure is most likely), we thought that a docile young baby may be the key.

It turns out we were right! Although Maxwell spent almost an hour rumblestrutting and showing how manly he was, Ruxpin was young and scared to be by himself, and decided that he would rather have a loud, somewhat pushy friend than no friend at all!

Once we saw the rumbling and posturing had slowed down, we left the boys on the couch with Cindy’s oldest daughter to supervise as we cleaned out the cage and scrubbed down all the accessories, and as you can see from the picture, they quickly squished in on top of each other for comfort and eventually fell asleep like that.

According to an email we received a couple of days later, Ruxpin and Maxwell will snooze together in a pigloo and are having a wonderful time together as best buddies! Ruxpin is also quickly calming down and becoming more confident now that he has an older brother to look out for him!

Then, on Monday the 30th, we were lucky enough to send home Niblet and Petal with Carrie and her family!

Their mom emailed me once they were settled in:

The girls are doing great. They stayed in the 2 x 2 kitchen the first night but this morning I helped them find and climb the ramp and now Petal/Pumpkin is running up and down with abandon. Niblet can definitely climb up but I haven’t confirmed that she will climb down yet so I moved her down when I added their fresh veggie bowl tonight. (both levels have water and hay)
Both girls are eating like pigs and drinking well. They have wonderful personalities. They are a little hard to catch (which I expected) but so sweet once you pick them up. They had a play time this afternoon on a fleece blanket on the kitchen floor (and loved playing in the 5 different ferritunnel tubes that Nick set up for them) and tonight they joined us on the couch for an episode of a kid’s show. They are great lap girls!!!
Thanks for the great girls. I will try to send pictures soon. Petal/Pumpkin is the bold one (like you said) but Niblet has been comfortable enough to move around on the kitchen floor and come out of the hiding areas in the cage so I think she’s adjusting well.
Congratulations to Petal and Niblet and their new family, it sounds like they’re loving their new C&C mansion! Guinea pigs do make great buddies to snuggle up with on the couch and watch a little TV!
As always, thank you to our wonderful adopters. We are truly lucky to have such a large group of caring individuals to offer homes to our guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small exotics!


Clementine finds her happy ending

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At ACR&S, we are in the business of trying to produce happy endings. I often think of it in context of a book that I read, where a group of fairy godmothers traveled around nudging events and people into place to make happy endings occur as they should (after all, what’s a hero who doesn’t have a quest to go on?). We spend a lot of time talking, educating, traveling, and emailing, all trying to nudge that happy ending into place.

It can be tremendously grating. The vast majority of our emails are people who want to surrender animals, or who want one of our animals, but have no interest in learning how to properly care for them. But, the payment for all of those people is an ending like this:

Clementine, the bald, seizing, screaming pig first mentioned here, went to her forever home this weekend.

When Clementine came into our house, feeling like a tiny burn victim, and so desperately ill, a request also came in from long time ACR&S friend Celia. One of her piggie pair (Jerry) had just passed, leaving his friend Ben alone. Ben and Jerry’s relationship had always been tumultuous, so she was having Ben neutered and looking for a girlfriend for him.

Ben and Clem

Living with Clementine and helping her every day, I promised her over and over again that if she would only get better, I would make sure she went to the best home ever. And so I responded to Celia, asking her to open her home and heart to this poor pig. She agreed, pending Ben’s approval (obviously), and so when she came into town to visit her daughter, we introduce Ben and a much healed Clementine.

I think the picture speaks for itself. Ben had been withdrawn since losing his buddy, who was his louder half. During the introduction, he squealed, wheeked, ran, and popcorned a bit.

And, even more amazingly, for the first time I’d ever heard her, Clementine sat and chuttered and chortled and popcorned, and seemed extremely happy. There was quite a bit of joyous and romantic chasing, but love was definitely in the air.

Clemmy’s new mom writes:

Yes, we made it home safely. The pigs rode in separate cages and everyone was very quiet. They made up for it when they finally entered their new ‘gated’ community. Clemmy inspected every spare inch, testing the walls and trying each pigloo to see which suited her best. She has made it clear that she likes the meals we serve! I put up the cage divider at bed time so everyone could get some rest and they settled down quickly, though Ben plastered himself against it so he could continue to breath in her beauty! This morning I came into a kitchen with the sound of two pigs wheeking- Clemmy for breakfast and Ben for Clemmy. They make beautiful piggie music together! It is so cute. He adores her and shrieks in protest when I remove her from the cage! She has been very good about medicine taking (except maybe for the final biting of the syringe!). She is keeping Ben fit, too. Honestly, he never used to run and now he runs everywhere! This is wonderful – every thing I had wished for and more! I can understand that you miss her because she is such a funny mix of assertive and cooperative at the same time. She has managed to set limits on Ben – sort of. He just can’t keep himself away from her! While she was checking out the second water bottle (she’d just drunk from the first, Ben approached for her attention. What else can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, c., c. , & b.

It’s hard to believe, but with only a few short weeks of intensive care and love, Clementine went from a poor, ravaged looking creatures who didn’t seem like she should even be alive to a sweet and beautiful guinea pig who is funny and is not above giving a retaliatory nibble if she feels like you’re annoying her too much.

And so this is the gas the fuels the tank of rescue. This is what makes it worthwhile. It was one of those fuzzy moments that makes all the other anger, sadness, and horror worthwhile. So, to Clementine, congratulations on your new home, and your new husband. You deserve it.

If the wordless could speak, they would say, ” Bless you for caring enough to help us.”

Please quote me on that!

Thank you, as always, Celia, for your kind words. But ACR&S would be lost without our wonderful adopters, who make it possible for these little souls to live out their happy endings.

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