A happy ending for Tanner

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TannerCongratulations on a happy ending for Tanner!  He was abandoned at the local animal shelter and was absolutely terrified at being abandoned in a strange place.  We pulled him into the rescue in order to help him overcome his fear, and once in a foster home he blossomed into an amazing and friendly dog.

He went home with his new mom, Maria, in early February, and is doing absolutely amazing there with his new family.  Thank you Maria and family for opening your hearts and your homes to Tanner when he needed them the most!


A happy ending for Rowan

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Congratulations to Rowan to finding anRowan and Guiness awesome new home and a brand new big brother!  Our intrepid western adoption coordinator, Blair, took Rowan out to meet his new big brother Guiness.  Luckily, the two loved each other at first sight, and in a short amount of time they were snuggled into a pigloo together and both glad to have a friend.

Rowan was abandoned with all the Flower Power piggies at a local shelter in early December.  He was the only baby boy, and had spent a sad childhood watching his little sisters play together.  It was like a dream come true for him to find a home and big brother of his very own!

Thank you Adrienne and family, for opening your heart and your home to Rowan, and thanks to Guiness for taking in a little wayward piggie!


A happy ending for Kevin and Roger

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Congratulations to Kevin and Roger on finding theirKevin & Roger forever home!  These two sweet boys sat in foster with patient mama Lauren and despaired of ever finding a family of their own.  Courtenay and family were looking for a sweet pair of piggies that their family could enjoy, and when the two met, it was love at first sight!

Kevin and Roger came home to a beautiful two story C&C cage with beautiful cage blankets, and so many amazing toys and yummy vegetables (that her sons dutifully showed me one at the time!  😉

These two boys are so lucky to have found such an amazing home that will love them forever.  Thank you again, Courtenay and family for allowing these sweet boys to come and live with you and your family!


A new home for Rincewind

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Congratulations to Rincewind for finding his forever Rincewind, Rosie, and Oreo!home!  Rincewind went home today to meet his new wives, Rosie and Oreo.  The introduction went as smoothly as could possibly be asked for, and within an hour they were settled down and enjoying a nice fresh pile of greenery.  Together, the trio will share an amazing 2 level C&C cage that is beautifully built.

Thank you Teri and family for opening your homes and your hearts to Rincewind!  He’s a very lucky boy to have found such a dedicated family!


A happy ending for Spencer!

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Congraulations to Spencer onSpencer finding his new home!  Spencer was abandoned at the animal shelter with two other dogs, frightened and terrified at being abandoned by his “forever” family.

Once coming into the foster, Spencer slowly bloomed as a friendly and loving companion, and he went home with his new mom, Patricia, in early February.  Thank you Patricia and family for opening your home to Spencer!


A Happy Ending for Ginger

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Congratulations to Ginger, aGinger the Magic Puffball young female shih-tzu that we pulled from a local shelter.   Ginger had been surrendered when her owner had abandoned her with her mom.  The mom was a hardworking nurse that was frequently on the road, and felt like it was unfair to a young and rambunctious puppy to spend all day in her crate.

Ginger went home to live with Laurel and Mike, and has found her forever home there!  Congratulations to Ginger, and thank you for opening your home to her forever!


Congratulations to Simba!

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A great big congratulations to Simba, our very own baby hairball hamster for finding his forever home!  His new adoptive mom Kimberly writes to let us know that he is one spoiled hammie!  Every night when he wakes up around 9pm, she lets him out to run around in his ball, and if she doesn’t, he makes sure to let himself be heard!

Simba (formerly Stevenson) is from our Happy Hamster Horde that were surrendered to a local shelter.  6 hamsters (5 females and 1 male) quickly became 14 hamsters (though we were very lucky — not all of the girls were pregnant and the litters were fairly small).

Stevenson’s siblings, aunts, and parents are still looking for adoptive homes on our Petfinder site!


Welcome to Crow and Dove

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Another great big welcome to Crow and Dove, our newest resident foster ratties.  These girls were surrendered to ACR&S when their young owner became allergic to them and the doctor recommended that the rats be rehomed.  Crow (thought to be between 6-8 months old) is the mother to young Dove (thought to be 3-4 months old).  When they arrived, they had been living in a 10 gallon aquarium on pine shavings.  More than likely, their young friend was allergic to their bedding — and not them.  Numerous studies have shown that many mammal species have unpleasant reactions to both pine and cedar due to their softwood oils.  Aquariums are also singularly stuff habitats, especially for creatures as large and active as rats, and the combined allergens of urine and pine were probably too much to handle.

When they arrived, both were prone to trying to snack on people’s hands that entered the cage.  This, too, is very common when rats are only interacted with to be given food.  Rats are notoriously smart, and they soon figure out that the hands only come in with food, and start associating them with eating.  Sometimes in their excitement, they can be a little too eager to nibble.

After only 2 days of socialization, both rats had already stopped nibbling fingers and trying to snack on knuckles.  Though initially quite shy, they are coming out of their shells, and often await treats by dangling from the top of their cage.  They have also taken a fierce joy in their new spacious home.  They spend much of their time scampering around and wrestling, and are sweet girls that are inquisitive and curious.

Crow, the mother, has shown herself to be the leader.  She is first in all things, and absolutely fearless.  She gained her name on her first evening with us as she ran from hand to shoulder to hand trying to steal my jewelry and hoard it — just like a sly crow!  She is a pretty Berkshire patterned girl (which means she has a white stomach).  Dove, her daughter, is gentle and shy, and prefers to snuggle close to you once picked up.  She is not as brave as Crow, and has taken quite a while to warm up to human companionship.  She has finally made the first big step and started accepting treats from human hands!

So welcome to Dove and Crow — two cuties that are searching for their perfect home.


A happy ending for Raleigh and Royale.

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Raleigh and Royale were surrendered to us here at AC&RS when their dadRaleigh and Royale moved to Hawaii.  He had initially planned to fly them out once he got settled in, but once he arrived he realized that them going over would be a lot more complicated than initially planned for, and opted to try and get them into a rescue instead.

Raleigh is the adorable agouti and white piggie, and Royale is all agouti teddy mix.  They’re unusually friendly girls who are very outgoing, and were easily won over by their new family’s treats of carrots and veggies.  The girls arrived home to a palatial 2×4 C&C cage with a pink princess motif and all the hiding houses and toys a piggie could ask for!

We want to take the time to thank Andy, Sarah, Kate, and Caroline for opening their homes and their hearts to these two girls.  They are certainly lucky little piggies to have found a forever family like yours!


Sullivan writes his own ending.

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Sullivan, one of the two pigs abandoned in a parking lot in July of this year, got to write his happy ending this weekend.

Sullivan met his new partner, Spice, this weekend with the help of our Charlotte coordinator, Andrea.  Spice has an interesting story of his own — he is the son of Kismet!  His mom contacted us when she adopted Kismet’s son, asking us to please make room for her, and even helped transport her up to NC!  Spice recently lost his long time friend, Quilt, to a serious cancer, and he was lonely, and needed a friend.

Spice’s mom, Brenda, asked for my recommendations, and I thought that Sully would be a good match!  He too was lonely from the loss of Ferdinand, and was young enough that they could be friends together for a long time.

As you can see from the pictures, the introduction was a great success.  (And Spice was very tired.)

His new family says:

I know I’m repeating myself but Spice is the happiest I’ve ever seen him.  He’s so content.  If he’s not eating, he’s sprawled out right next to Sully.  He loves Sully and is so happy for his company. […]  Spice is once again making those happy little percolating noises they make as they travel around their cage.
I slept in the den last night, just to make sure all was well.  I heard rumbling every now and then and it was coming from both pigs.  Sometimes Sully starts it and sometimes Spice does.  They’re so funny.  Jeez, I’m easily entertained.
I am thrilled with this match, can’t you tell?  My daughter (who turned 14 yesterday) didn’t want to go to school today as she didn’t want to leave Sully.  She has said over and over again how much she loves him and how beautiful she thinks he is.  A pig can’t ask for much more than that!
And so Sullivan, the little pig who survived a deadly summer’s heat but lost his brother, got to write his very own happy ending.  Thanks to Brenda and her wonderful family, he’ll never be alone or forgotten again.

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