A happy ending for Poppy and Piper

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Poppy and PiperA most hearty congratulations to Poppy and Piper!

These two girls started life abandoned outside of a pet store in a paper bag.  They were turned over to local animal control, who gave us a call as both girls were bald from mites and seizing painfully.  We picked them up the same day and started treatment with Revolution.  It took nearly two months for them to become healthy and mite-free again!

But these girlies were lucky because they had a forever home lined up!  Marc and his family saw their picture and fell in love.  They waited patiently for the tiny girls to recover from their ordeal, and this past weekend was the day!  This past Sunday (June 7) the girls made their way out to their new palatial 2x4C&C cage, and were greated with delicious hay, yummy pellets, and a family of their own to love them!

Thank you to Marc and family for letting these girls into your home!  It’s nice to have some happy tails here this week!


Congratulations to Zapp and Kif!

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Congratulations to zappkifour rotten boys, Zapp and Kif, who were adopted by new friend of ACR&S Frone and her rattie bunch!  Frone had adopted our precious little girl, Phoebe, who had escaped from being snake food late last year.  Little Phoebe, however, left us in April from multiple abdominal tumors.  She is missed by all, and in her honor, two more rattie lives were saved.

These two baby boys were abandoned singly at a local animal shelter, but it was love at first sight for them!  They’ve been inseparable since their introduction, and though they spend much of their time wrestling and looking for trouble, when it’s nap time they curl up with each other.  These lucky (neutered!) boys are going to live in a palatial free-range habitat with several adorable girls who  will enjoy their company immensely!

Thank you Frone, for giving our little guys a “furever” home!


Congratulations, Mia!

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Congraulations to Mia, the adorable shih-tzu puppy with the poo snacking problems that led her to be abandoned more than once!  She was adopted bymia her new mom Janelle to come home to her huge forever family on May 14, 2009.

Poor Mia had been abandoned three times before finding her forever home, and her foster mama reports that she is happy as clam, and runs from friend to friend in her new home, playing, chasing, and loving them to her heart’s content.


A happy ending for Ursula!

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Congraulations to Ursula for Ursulafinding her forever home!  She found her new home with her new dad, Josh!  Josh and his family were looking for the perfect hamster, and when they met Ursula it was love at first sight!

Ursula went home tonight to a palatial new cage and tons and tons of toys!

Thank you so much for opening your hearts and your home to Ursula!


Congratulations, Fry & Bender!

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Fry & BenderFry and Bender are big old squishy male rats that were confiscated by a local animal shelter after a hoarder arrest out in Western NC.   They entered the rescue with many of the other rats from that escapade, and were the first of the boys onto the chopping block to be neutered.

When our awesome Charlotte vet was looking for a new pair of ratties, these guys caught her eye.  They were squishy and loveable (oh, and pretty lazy, like most male rats), and it was love at first sight.  Their adoption went very smoothly, and they’ve now got a huge ferret cage to play in and lots of love and attention to be spoiled with.

Thank you Lauren, for letting these guys into your life!  They are lucky, lucky ratties!


Another adopter update!

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It almost never happens that we hear from long-ago adopters, and then two in one week! This is an update on two piggies that we helped transport and place from the South Carolina Guinea Pig Rescue in 2006/2007.

It’s been a while — actually it’s been since you moved to Wisconsin! I just wanted to write to you and give you an update on our piggies O-Ren Ishi and Beatrix Kiddo (names you might recognize if you’ve seen Kill Bill). These pigs came to us via you and SC Rescue and were known then as Lavender and Spice. (And I still don’t have pictures.) They were about 8 weeks old when we got them and are now around 2 and 1/2.

You dropped us off some cubes and coroplast before you got away to Wisconsin. I’ve been meaning to update you for a while.

I did get to:

1) make a coroplast litter box that covers the entire end of the cage. This really gives them enough running room, and an extended hidey-hole, and place to eat and pee at the same time. I have a shelf hanging over the litter box that also extends across the entire end of the cage and is a super hay loft. They used to hop right up into the hay loft to eat, but haven’t done that in a while. Maybe they did learn (after Bea had 3 eye ulcers and O-Ren 1) that launching themselves into the hay bin isn’t a smart idea. They were just so enthusiastic eaters.

2) I expanded their cage. They had a 2 by 4 coroplast cage. I added another 2 by 2 area (cube dimensions, not feet) that sits on another set of wire drawers that is about 9 inches higher than the original. So I built a ramp that is 1 cube wide and one and 1/2 half cubes long that goes up the 9 inch incline. A fleece baby blanket clipped to the sides gives them the traction they need to run up and down the ramp. Upstairs I have a ferret style corner litter box with a shelf hanging diagonally over it, full of hay. They again love the hidey-hole this creates and the ability to lay there and eat hay like the princesses they are. When they are in the mood for serious sleeping, they hop in the bin and turn there backs away from the room. All you can see is their not so little butt and their shallow breathing.

It’s funny, as big a cage as they have that they almost always are on the same floor. Unless they want serious sleeping. Then they are in opposite corners with their backs to the room.

They’ve calmed down a lot since they were babies. They still go through the rumble-strutting domination games with each other a couple times a month, but it never leads to violence. O-Ren has been known to give her sister a haircut, but it’s more grooming than aggression. Don’t know why she gets to barbering, but Bea allows it.

They usually get veggies twice a day (if you don’t count a little wheatgrass treat at bedtime.) They have a way of reminding you they want their veggies if you’re running late.

Thanks so much to these girls’ family for the wonderful update! It’s so great to have a little glimpse into the rich lives they lead after they leave us! She doesn’t have any adult-piggy pictures, but Andrea found these darling baby pics!






Update on Santiago

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One of the most rewarding aspects of rescue is knowing that an animal whom you rescued, rehabilitated, and placed is having a wonderful life with new family! We don’t always get to follow our adopted animals for very long, so it’s a rare treat when an adopter of many years past sends us an update on their pet. This week we got an update on one of the two cats ACR&S has ever placed – Santiago Many-Toes, who was adopted way back in 2005! His adoptive mom writes:

We adopted Santiago in 2005. He is a wonderful cat and is loved very much!  We moved to Columbia, SC last year. Santi has adjusted well. I still love to tell the story how we got him. Thank you so much for our wonderful cat!

Santiago was a very unusual placement.  We were contacted by an internet friend in St Louis, Missouri, who needed to rehome her cat and was seeking out reputable rescues to help her advertise him. It was a long shot that he’d be adopted by someone in NC, but it was a shot worth taking, and after on a few weeks of being listed on our Petfinder page, the Simmons family contacted us about adopting him – they had been looking for a polydactyl cat and were very interested despite the distance! His former mom was thrilled with his new home, and they arranged to have him flown down on an airline as pet cargo from St Louis to Raleigh. We then drove him to his new family in Greensboro, where he immediately settled into the kingly life he deserved!santiago-adoptedWe are so grateful to Santi’s family for providing him with such a wonderful home and for letting us know he’s still doing great!


A happy ending for Jasper

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dscf9289Our big white bunny Jasper found his forever home with his new mom and dad, Jeannie & Steve! He has the most wonderful bunny bungalow to play in, lots of gorgeous toys and accessories, and best of all, tons of friends and playtime and attention! Look at this happy bunny sacked out in his condo bed after a hard day of being loved and pampered!

We had some really wonderful news from Jasper’s vet just prior to his adoption. You may recall that on intake, he had incisor malocclusion: the incisors did not meet evenly and as a result, would grow too long without wearing one another down properly. This can be due to a poor diet, but is more often due to genetics and will recur even with a perfect diet. We expected that he would need monthly tooth trims or possibly even incisor extraction. Jasper’s adoptive parents were fully committed to the extra care all of this might entail, but at the pre-adoption vet visit, Dr. Powers found that Jasper’s teeth look absolutely normal! She said she never would have believed he could turn around so fast, and that not only does he not need an extraction, he doesn’t even need tooth trims! He still has some very slight malocclusion but not enough to cause abnormal wear patterns, and she doubts it will ever bother him. Thanks so much to Dr. Powers for rescuing this sweet boy, and to his new mom & dad for providing him with the perfect forever home!


A happy ending for Kiley and Sydney

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Congratulations to Kiley and Syndey for finding their forever homes!  Kiley and Sydney were adopted in late February by their proud new dad, Forest!  Forest and his family (especially his mom) had done a ton of research and planning (and built a fabulous 2×4 C&C cage for their piggies), and then fell in love with Kiley and Sydney.

The two girls came home to find their piggie mansion well adorned, with a picture of them waiting inside!  The girls were intially pretty scared, but they immediately recognized their new dad, Forest, and warmed to him quickly, earning him the nickname “The Piggie Whisperer”.  The two wonderful girls are slowly warming up to everyone in the family with the help of Forest!

Thank you Forest and family for allowing these girls to come and live in your home.  They’re lucky to have a “forever” place to live in, and people and family to call their own.


A happy ending for Dove and Crow

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Congraulations to Dove and Crow to finding their forever home with their new sister River!  Dove and Crow were turned over to our rescue by a family who’s son was extremely allergic to them.  Once they were moved into an appropriate cage and off of their pine shavings, they became adorably sweet girls that wanted nothing more but snacks and tummyDove and Crow and River rubs.

Their new mom is spoiling them crazy with special snacks, a huge and spacious cage, and lots and lots of love.  Thank you Melissa and cutie River for letting these girls come and live with you and for being their forever home.

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