A happy ending for Machu

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machuMachu the chinchilla, after spending over a year in foster, finally went to his forever home for the new year.  SciWorks, a learning museum in Winston Salem, is working on a brand new “South America” exhibit.  They approached us, wanting to patronize rescue since there were so many animals looking for homes.  They wanted one or more chinchillas that were friendly and approachable, and would make suitable program animals.

Machu had been looking for the perfect place to go — he is an amazingly friendly guy who’s outgoing personality never failed to win over strangers.  He is also an adept beggar, so when we dropped him off we made sure that they knew that his little doe eyes hid the world’s best scam artist.

So far, staff are reporting that he’s a big hit (although his enclosure isn’t ready) and that everyone’s day is brightened as he begs for chin scratches and treats!

Thanks so much to the kind and caring staff at SciWorks for providing a forever home for Machu, and for going out of their way to provide an ideal environment for him to reside in!


A happy ending for Homer

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Shortly before Christmas, Homer the Non-Homing Pigeon had his happily ever after!Homer Pigeon We were contacted by a pigeon afficianado living out near Andrea in the western part of the state.  Ricky told us all about his pigeon loft, complete with fenced, outdoor aviary which allows the birds to go out and fly and exercise as they please.

Homer is now living happily with an entire flock of pigeons.  According to his new dad, he is fitting in amazingly and is making friends left and right.

Thanks to all the pigeon folks that called and emailed to make sure that Homer was going to a good home and to give us excellent advice for making sure that he was happy in the meantime!


A great new year for Sundance!

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sun-e-and-day-zEarly in December, Zoë, an HRS member and rabbit-servant extraordinaire, from SC contacted us looking for a third for her pair of middle aged bunnies.  She really wanted them both to have someone in case one of their friends passed away.  She had seen the profiles on our prison bunnies and had liked the look of Sundance.  We emailed back and forth, she filled out an adoption application, and things were looking great for Sundance!  She was going to be home by Christmas.

Unfortunately, a snowstorm picked that weekend to strike NC and the roads weren’t very good, so we bumped back the transport.  We finally made it happen — on New Year’s Day!  We met halfway between our respective homes, and I was surprised and impressed — Zoë and her husband had converted their SUV into a rolling bunny pen for introductions!  Their two bunnies, Hunter and Day-Z were in the back, grouchy, and along the trip back the spare person introduced the bunnies.  There was soon snuggling and commiserating about the craziness of humans.  As you can see from the pictures, introductions are going well and Sundance (now Sun-E) seems to have found her place.

Zoë and I both laughed at how we misjudged both her rabbits and my rabbit’s sizes!  I thought her buns were much smaller, and she thought Sun-E was much bigger!  So far, though, everyone seems to be getting along, and Sun-E is showing the two boys that little bunnies are not to be pushed around!  Thank you again to Zoë and her husband Gary for offering their home to this wonderful bunny.  We’re excited to consistently have such amazing homes for our rabbits!rabbithat


Ho, ho, ho! A Christmas Ending for Buddy Holly

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On December 23rd, 2009, Buddy Holly found his forever home.  We first talked about Buddy in a blog post here.  He was abandoned at the local animal shelter, starving to death as his teeth overgrew and trapped his tongue.

Well, a wonderful adopter stepped up for Buddy.  She emailed us, and told us about her two older boars, and their delicious daily salads, and how they got manicures at the vet regularly, so Buddy’s teeth could have an eye kept on them.  We were so excited!  It seemed like a perfect situation, and we held our breaths to see how the boys all got along.  Andrea, our Charlotte coordinator, reported that the boys fell in like they’d lived together forever and barely seemed to notice that their duo had become a trio.

Buddy is now living as Huckleberry in his forever home:

A huge thanks to his new mama and his new brothers.  She says they sleep together every night, and each one of the bigger, older boars seems to take turns nannying him and making sure he has a friend to sleep next to.


Happiness and Sadness

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It’s been a very mixed month for us here at ACR&S.  Some of our close friends have lost pets, and have welcomed nAlyseew friends into their homes.

Clementine, first talked about here in the blog crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  It’s likely that her initial bout with such severe neglect had long term complications that we originally could not forsee.  Even though she had such a short time here with us, she lived in spoiled abandon, frolicking with her adopted buddies Ben, Bia, and Raindrop.  In her memory, Alyse and Gabriella are going to their forever home with Celia, her mom.  They leave tonight for a happy Thanksgiving!

PeteyClementine was followed by Wayne, a senior piggie belonging to friend of ACR&S Blair.  Wayne was an elderly guy (estimated to be around 7 years of age), so his passing was not unexpected, although it brought Blair & family a lot of grief, especially in the wake of the loss of their dog Rocco to aggressive cancer despite a hard fight with chemo.  In his memory, Blair adopted Petey from us, who was neutered, and who will live with her youthful harem of young ladies.

We also lost Picchu, one of our pair of chins nearly two weeks ago.  He was fine during first morning checkup, and bounced energetically to the side of the cage for his afternoon hay refresh, but when I went up in the night to tuck everyone in and do one last refill, he was prone in his hammock and cold.  He was an amazing chinchilla that loved chin scratches more than anything, and we were devastated by his loss.  His unusually friendly antics and clownish showboating are greatly missed in our little zoo.


A happy ending for Paulo and Icarus!

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A congratulations to Paulo and IcarusIcarus & Paulo who found their forever home this past Sunday!  Laura and her family decided to add guinea pigs into their familiy, and after meeting Paulo and Icarus they decided that these guys were perfect for them!

Icarus really impressed them with his overall bravery, and within seconds of being put into his brand new C&C cage, he was dragging veggies around and begging for food like a pro.  Paulo, being shyer, spent some time hiding in his pigloo before he decided that if Icarus wasn’t scared, he probably would be ok.

Their new mom says:

At first, they stuck close to the pigloos, so we left them alone for a few hours. After dinner, we brought them out for some lap time with lettuce and parsley. The boys enjoyed holding and petting the guinea pigs, and the guinea pigs didn’t mind too much as long as there was food. After Icarus finished eating, he decided he needed to visit Paulo, so he trotted across the couch. After we put the guinea pigs back in their cage, I was reading a book out loud on the couch. Apparently, the guinea pigs figured that we were too far away to be scary and they came out of the pigloos, ate, drank, and trotted and jumped around. We pretended we weren’t watching while enjoying the show.

Thank you to Laura and family for offering these boys their “forever” home and a second chance!


A happy ending for Indigo and Saffron

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3481867528_36d591d585A hearty congratulations to Indigo (now Rosemary) and Saffron!  They have found their forever home with one of our amazing repeat adopters, Melissa.  Melissa offered a forever home to Dove and Crow earlier in the year, and when her beloved River passed, “gotta get more rat” syndrome struck again.   She was drawn to Indigo and Saffron, a pair of rats from the Charmeck Hoarder bust that were looking for their forever homes.  It wasn’t looking good for the girls — Indigo was very shy and prone to nipping, and Saffron was having ongoing dental issues that required a knowledgeable rat parent.

Luckily, Melissa had dealt with shy nippers before, and had also had rats that had dental problems!  The girls are now living together in one big happy, rattie family, and shy Indigo is coming out of her shell beautifully.  Saffron, never shy to begin with, is a ham for the spotlight, and was immediately involved in a daring theft involving an unattended smoothie!

Thank you as always to our adopters, without whom we could not accomplish half of what we do, and congratulations to Saffron and Indigo (Rosemary)!


Bia is born into a happy ending.

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BiaA few weeks ago, we announced the joyous arrival of Gabriella’s five babies.  I’m pleased today to write about the happy ending of one of them, Bia.

Bia arrived fortuitously.  Long time friend of ACR&S Celia has been looking for quite a while for a friend for her grouchy pig Raindrop.  Raindrop beat Duncan soundly several months ago, and we were hoping that she would be more predisposed towards an itty bitty baby (most adult pigs can’t resist them).

I mentioned jokingly that whichever baby she picked, she could name her “Dewdrop”.  And then right in the middle of Gabby’s rainbow colored litter was a little black-eyed guinea pig with pristine white fur.  These are commonly called “DEW”s, or dark-eyed whites.  So our dewdrop was found.

Unfortunately, Raindrop also was not impressed with a baby (in Celia’s words, Raindrop ran one way and Bia ran the other, both screaming), but Clementine and her husband Ben were more than happy to add one more tiny mouth to their family.

From Celia:

Though quieter than I had expected, she has plenty of vim and attitude : the funniest moment (so far!) was when she became frustrated by Ben hogging the ‘best’ spot at the haypile.  She ran to the opposite side, climbed to the top, and performed a victorious nose rise over his head.  Uncle Ben just kept on munching, indifferent to the little mouse that roared above him.

So a heartfelt congratulations to Bia, and our deepest gratitude to Celia, who has been a friend of ours for so long, and who has given so many of our most needy souls their forever home that there will never be enough thanks!


A home for hammies!

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Odessa and Tic have been adopted! We had an inquiry from Abby, a very experienced hamster owner, about whether any of our WI hamsters were friendly. Cass is still a horrible screamer, but Odessa and Tic have really come around. Odessa can be touched but not easily picked up yet, but Tic is perfectly content to be handled as long as you still let her explore!

We scheduled a meet-and-greet for July 11 and I was afraid that neither would be friendly enough – Odessa too jumpy and Tic too frenetic about exploring. To my joy, Abby loved them both and so both of them have a wonderful new home where they can be spoiled rotten just like they deserve! Thanks so much, Abby!!




Congratulations to Avery, Alyse, and Gabby!

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Avery, Alyse, and GabbyA great big congratulations to Avery, Alyse, and Gabby!  They have found their forever home.

Avery and Alyse were surrendered to us this past summer when their owner adopted a new dog.  The new pet harassed her guinea pigs non-stop, and unwilling to put effort into gating the dog away from the guinea pigs, elected to abandon them instead.

Gabriella was abandoned at the local animal shelter, heavily pregnant and already with a litter nursing.  She gave birth to five bouncing babies shortly after we took her in.

We bonded the trio and then they got to go home to a piggie paradise!  Their new family had built them an enormous C&C cage and had a variety of delicious vegetables and amazingly good home-made houses!

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