A happy ending for Russell and Royce

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

Congratulations to Russell and Royce, who have found their forever home with Sharon and family!  Sharon had an older boar namerussellroyced Woody who had recently lost his friend.  She wasn’t really sure who he would like to have as a friend, so we loaded up Russell, Royce, and Audrey to do some dating.  Audrey turned out to be a fourth wheel!  Russell and Royce ran to Woody like a long-lost dad and spent the entire time cuddling up to him and hiding under his expansive hair.  Woody, for his part, seemed intrigued and charmed by the minature guinea pigs currently using him as a hidey house.

We’re happy and excited for the two boys, who can provide much needed companionship to an elderly and well beloved boar, and provide much happiness to a family who loves piggies!


A happy ending for Elmer and Toby

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

Elmer and TobyCongratulations to Elmer and Toby for finding their forever home, and thanks so much to Jenn for offering it to them!

Jenn saw Elmer on Petfinder and fell in love with him.  She was adamant — she understood he was an older rat, and somewhat lazy, and (dare we say it) a bit of a fattie.  But she didn’t care.  We’d recently had an older guy named Toby come in, so we paired Elmer and Toby and they began their their trip to Jenn!

The two boys are now lazing around in a palatial ferret cage covered in fleeces and pillow and toys.  Jenn reports that Toby spends a lot of time sleeping, and is prone to be let out for exercise time only to be found underneath desks and boxes snoozing away.  Old man rats do tend to be a bit on the lazy side…

At any rate, thank you Jenn for offering these two older fellows a comfortable and loving place to retire.  Score one for retirement rats!


A happy ending for Viola and Alyssum.

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alyssumviolaCongratulations to Viola and Alyssum for finding a forever home!  Mary and her family contacted ACR&S because they had a single older lady, Nermal, left after her cagemate had passed away.  Nermal was depressed and sad (as happens all too often with small animals when they lose bondmates) and they were anxious to get Nermal a new friend ASAP!

The introductions went pretty well.  Nermal, like most distinguished matrons, didn’t have a lot of patience for the madcap insanity of two infant rats, but after a few sharp corrections and scoldings, things seemed to be falling into place.  We left the introduction feeling good, and with a plan in place for ongoing socialization.  Mary reports that Nermal and the girls are living together now, and though there are still a few squabbles here and there, things have calmed greatly.

Thank you again, Mary and family, for offering these itty bitty babies a wonderful place to grow up and call their own.


A happy ending for Gerty and Diamond

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

A belated congratulations to Gerty and Diamond as they travel to their forever home with Tracy and her family.  The two girls were originally abandoned at Charmeck Animal Control just before Christmas, along with Audrey.  Though they were all three in a cage, it was pretty clear that Audrey was not well bonded with the other two and they were squabbling.

Gerty and Diamond quickly won over Tracy’s heart, and she spent much time preparing for the arrival, before they finally landed in their forever home the weekend after Rabbit Day.

Thank you so much, Tracy, for offering a pair of our piggies a wonderful forever home!


A happy ending for Billie Jean

Posted in Adoptions at 12:05 pm by Jenn

Congratulations to Billie Jean for finding her forever home!  Billie Jean was left at a local animal shelter shortly beforeBillie & Springer Christmas (very near Frazier and Amelia).   She was initially very skittish and terrified of us, but once settled down became a favorite in her foster home.  She was athletic and spry, and was always leaping into hayracks and on top of her pigloo.

Springer had recently lost his little sow-wife, Maggie.  Maggie and Springer had been together for several years, and her loss had left him heartbroken.  When he met Billie Jean, he seemed to perk up immediately.  He was excited and thrilled to show her all of his fantastic hiding spots and running tunnels.

Bob and Sue, her new mom and dad, reported that she spent about a week pretty scared of the new setup — they’ve got a free-range piggie habitat — but once she settled in, she was running and leaping like an Olympic champion.  Thanks to repeat adopters Bob and Sue for offering this little girl a place to finally call her own with a big manly boar like Springer to keep her company.


A happy ending for Amelia!

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Sophie and AmeliaAmelia is a 5 year old lady that was surrendered to the local animal shelter by her family just before Christmas.  They left a note saying that they had had her for five years, but could no longer care for her, and asked that she be found a good home.  ACR&S pulled her, as a senior, and set about looking for her perfect home.

It didn’t take long!  Alison and Ed saw her on Petfinder and fell in love.  They already have an older sow named Sophie who was alone. She’d been alone for most of her life (with out of cage playdates with other piggies), but they were open to seeing if the girls would get along together.

The introductions went very well, with the two girls mostly just sitting in opposite corners and calling each other names, but soon they settled down and agreed to have a snack together, with Sophie graciously allowing Amelia to reside in her piggie palace.  Thank you again to Alison and Ed for opening up your homes and your hearts to a piggie in her twilight years.


A happy ending for Frazier!

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FrazierFrazier has found his happy ending!  Frazier was abandoned at the Orange County Animal Shelter all alone right before Christmas.  He was estimated to be around 1 year of age, and seemed lonely.  Joe and his family had just applied for a piggie to be friends with their piggie, Rocky.  I sent them pictures of Frazier and told his story and a date was set!

Rocky, an older 2 year old male, had never had a friend before, so I brought over my blanket and introduction fence, and we spent a few smelly hours watching the pair chase and mark each other.  Finally, tired, they flopped down and had a snack together — and that was the end of it!  Frazier and Rocky are now close friends, and both enjoy running laps and annoying each other like true brothers.


A happy ending for Parsley

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

ParsleyA hearty congratulations to Parsley (formerly Kris) for finding his forever home with Mehrunissa and her family!  Parsley went home to live with his two new brothers, Ariel and Apple, and though it was a long day, he’s now best friends with both of them.  Initially it was pretty rough — Parsley being a young energetic adolescent, and the older piggies wanting nothing more to do than to eat and nibble and snooze, but soon enough they were sharing salads and making piggie trains through their palatial C&C cage.

Thank you again, Mehrunissa, for offering this little man the perfect home, complete with big salads, good buddies, and lots of room to run and play!


Comet and Meteor go home.

Posted in Adoptions at 8:25 am by Jenn

Comet and MeteorA congratulations to Comet and Meteor for finding their new homes!  Comet and Meteor were returned guinea pigs — originally adopted out by South Carolina Guinea Pig Rescue (which has since merged with ACR&S), their family was unable to keep them after several major life changes.  The big (and we mean huge!) 3 year old boys returned to us.

Doug and his family were looking for the perfect piggies to live with their family, piggies who were used to kids and would not be spooked by their well-meaning caresses.  Comet and Meteor, having lived with kids their whole life, were much calmer than the average piggie, and after scant minutes in their new house were already wheeking for veggies and accepting cuddles.

Thank you again to Doug and his family for offering Comet & Meteor their forever home!


A happy ending for Nina and Leda

Posted in Adoptions at 7:00 am by Jenn

Nina & LedaA very happy ending to Nina and Leda!  The day after New Year’s, these two adorable piggies went to their forever home.

Meg and family had lost two beloved cats in 2008, and their family was looking for another pet.  Their girls had wanted guinea pigs, and after much research and forethought, the parents agreed — they would make a good family pet that everyone could enjoy!  It was difficult for them to pick from among so many eligible piggies, but the eventually settled for Nina and Leda.

The adoption was picture perfect!  Leda showed off her highly developing eating skills while Nina showed off her camouflage skills (more than once we couldn’t tell which end was which!)  After a session to meet the family, the girls settled into their new piggie palace and helped themselves to a salad!

A huge thanks to Meg and her wonderful family for offering these girls (now Truffles and Penny) a forever home, and for helping ACR&S to start off a wonderful new year with a slew of quality adoptions!

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