A happy ending for Puffnstuff

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puffA belated happy ending shout out to Mr. H. R. Puffnstuff for finding his forever home!  Lindsay and Desiree were looking for a companion for their piggie, Rupert.  The initial introductions were pretty rough — Rupert was kind of a brat, and got a lot of enjoyment out of pestering poor Puff, but soon they settled down to share a palatial two story C&C!

Thank you again for making his forever ever a happy one!


Happy Endings for Rat Babies

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As mentioned earlier in the blog, ACR&S had an influx of baby rats due to an emergency intake from another rescue.  These little ones have been very lucky to find forever homes with some of our most amazing adopters.

The first three ratties (named Cherry Bomb, Oreo, and Coffee by their new family) went home to Mike and family just as soon as they weaned.  They had a brand new Martin’s cage to come home to and a little miniature human to call their own!

Snoozing Rats

Our next pair, Bustopher and Casper (formerly Munkustrap), went home to our repeat rattie adopter, Frone.  Frone has given many of our beloved ratties a wonderful forever home, and these boys went in to live with Zapp and Kif (adopted last year).

Finally, a trio of ladies went to live with another repeat adopter, Melissa, who has given many of our past rats a wonderful forever home.  She chose Cheyenne, Dakota, and Wyoming to join her mischief!

Thank you to our wonderful rat adopters for continuing to give our little ones amazing forever homes!


A happy ending for Charle and Faunt

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Charlemagne and FauntleroyCharlemagne and Fauntleroy had a rough beginning.  They were picked up by ACR&S shortly after being neutered by an inexperienced vet.  Both were in rough shape (going into stasis and in a lot of pain), but after several terse hours of nursing, they began to recover normally and we thought they were out of the woods.

Unfortunately, they weren’t.  The next day saw their surgical sites hugely inflamed, and we were terrified that they’d herniated.  The news was better, but still odd:  Fauntleroy still had one testicle, and Charlemagne still had part of one.  Nearly a month after their initial neuter, we’d finally got both bunnies healthy and well, and they were on the lookout for a new home.

Enter Jill, their new mom.  She saw the boys on Petfinder, and was intrigued.  As a new rabbit owner, she liked that the boys were young, healthy, and had pretty good litterbox manners.   After a few weeks spent organizing caging, finding a vet, and doing a ton of reading at Rabbit.org, the boys got to come to their new home.

They arrived to a huge box of hay (which her cats also enjoyed — mostly the box), a brand new cage, a playpen, and lots of love.  They figured the ramp out pretty quickly, and then managed to break out of their cage almost immediately, but now they are safely contained and having the time of their life!

Thank you Jill for adopting these sweet bunnies and giving them a second chance!


A happy ending for Gloria

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Gloria (sister to Ivy and Noelle, who went home ear


ly this year), remained at our rescue, awaiting her forever home.  Alison, mom to Amelia and Sophie, contacted us soon afterwards.  Sophie had gone over to the rainbow bridge (a dignified and well loved old lady at over five years of age), and Amelia needed a new friend.

When she saw Gloria’s picture, she knew that was the pig for her!  Introductions went well (although Gloria immediately developed runny poo and had a brief course of antibiotics to clear it up).  Amelia then had to undergo an emergency spay for a uterine cyst, but last week they were finally able to be put together, and now the two girls are roomates!

Thank you to Alison for giving two of our pigs now a wonderful home!


A happy ending for Mischa, Persia, and Morrigan

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mmpMischa, Persia, and Morrigan found their happy endings with their new family!  Mischa and Persia were from a hoarder case that was broken in 2008! They’d been with the rescue since October of 2008.  Morrigan was left at a local animal shelter shortly afterwards as a baby.  They were put into a communal cage, and their roomates got adopted from around them, leaving the three.

Having fostered together for over a year and clearly closely bonded, we were determined that they would go home together, and we got our wish!

Penny and family (who run the illustrious Pig Pals of NC — a potbellied pig rescue helping our oinky friends) saw the girls and fell in love with the “old ladies”.  They went home to a wonderful new cage and quickly took over the duties of shoulder sitting, treat munching, and person bossing.

Thanks Penny and family for giving our elder lady rats a good retirement home, and for helping so many homeless pigs as well!


A happy ending for Duncan and Bryony

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Duncan and Bryony have found their forever homes!  We despaired of ever finding a place for Duncan, who had earned notoriety duncanbryas a finger biter after he was surrendered to our vet’s office in Charlotte.  Purchased from Petsmart as a child’s toy, he came home with a respiratory infection and chlamydia (which manifests as eye infections in most grazing animals).  After being shaken and grabbed by a four year old and then having his poor sore eyes smeared with antibiotics three times a day for two weeks, he wasn’t what most people would call pleased with the situation.

After months of foster, he slowly lost his biting ways, was neutered, and fell in love with the beautiful Bryony, who tolerated his presence near her when she was in a good mood and if he was not too close.  Bryony had also painted herself into a corner by failing four separate introductions with four separate girl pigs!

Deborah and her daughter, Shannon, saw these two and wanted to give them a forever home.  Shannon, being an adult, was not likely to squeeze and shake Duncan, and their calm lifestyle was ideal for the somewhat high strung pair.  We arrived this Sunday with a C&C cage, constructed it on site, and had the piggies installed with a great big pile of hay.

Bryony arrived slightly soggy, having needed her skirt washed for excessive laziness and slothiness.  But as you can see, Duncan immediately started looking for the pellets.

Shannon also impressed us with this wonderful drawing of Duncan and Bry (now Zeke and Gigi):



A happy ending for Lucas and Liam!

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Congratulations to Lucas and Liam, two boars who were abandoned separately at the Charmeck Animal Control but who quickly bonded in foster.  They’d been with us since around

Lucas and LiamChristmas, and were apparently just waiting for Jennifer and her family to notice them and bring them home to their cavy palace!

Jennifer’s family had sadly lost a guinea pig to pneuomonia.  Though they were saddened by the loss, they knew they wanted to help another guinea pig who needed a home.  They sat through a quarantine period (just to be safe) with a lot of anticipation, and were finally able to welcome their new family members home the weekend of the 17th!

As you can see from the first picture, the initial cage exploration wasn’t very brave, but followup pictures show two happy guinea pigs enjoying some couch potato time!

Lucas/LiamThe new family reports that Lucas is the brave one, but Liam is slowly warming up.  Thanks again for the wonderful home for these two!


A happy ending for Carnelian

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Another rags to riches story from the annals of ACR&S.

Carnelian began life as a feeder rat.  We don’t know anything about her life before coming to us.  She was left at a wildlife rehabilitation center by a mean spirited woman who had brought her (along with six other rats) to feed to the animals there.  The compassionate staff did not feed live animals to their wards.  When the woman threatened to take them home and “run them through a blender”, they kept the rats, but contacted us for help.

Unfortunately, two of the rats were male.  We split the five girls with another local rescue, keeping two girls and both boys.  Carnelian was spayed, as we feared she was in the early stages of pregnancy, but it turned out she was not.  The other rat, Onyx, did not appear pregnant, but surprised us with a hearty litter of 13 soon afterward.

Lauryn contacted us looking for a friend for her rat, Ebony.  Ebony’s partner, Ivory, had recently passed due to complications from a tumor (not unusual for rats, sadly).  She said she could tell that Ebony was lonely, even with the hours of attention that she lavished on her.  So we decided to make it a date.  The meeting was pretty laid back — both rats peed on each other and then started heartily ignoring each other.  (Which is actually a good sign — ignoring is much better than fighting!)

And a few days later, we got some great news:

I thought I would give you an update. Everything is still going great! They are already sleeping in the same cage! It kind of happened by accident, but we have not had any issues! I think Carnelian is the dominate one. She gained confidence after becoming familiar with the sights and smells of the room. As an extra precaution, I am not leaving them in the same cage when I am not here. I really don’t think we will have any issues.. I’ve only heard a few squeaks of protest when someone is grooming another too forcefully. And as I type they are both sleeping under a pillow!

Sometimes the best parts of adoptions are getting to meet people’s animals, and this was definitely one of those times.  I’ve rarely met a rat as friendly and sweet (and spoiled!) as Ms. Ebony, who immediately tried to crawl into my shirt and make herself at home.  Thank you so much Lauryn, for offering one of our sweet rats a forever home!


A drawn out happy ending for Ivy and Noelle

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ivynoelleIvy and Noelle had an especially long and drawn out happy ending.  Pulled from the Charmeck Animal Control shortly before Christmas (along with one other sister, Gloria, and a brother, Kris), they had immediate interest from Sunshine, David, and family.  Because of their extremely young age, we felt like the chance of them being pregnant was very small.  They were taken to the vet for an exam, and we couldn’t feel anything at that point, either.

So we sent them to foster for another month, promising the patient family that their piggies would be ready to adopt soon.  When we went to the foster’s house to pick up Noelle, we had a shock — she was definitely pregnant!  We called the poor adopters to let them know that she was in a teenaged motherly way, and they graciously agreed to let her reside in the maternity ward until she gave birth.  (Which she did, with no problems, to Petal, Leaf, and Bud).

The babies finally weaned and the girls were able to go home this past Friday, where they were treated as small queens with their parsley trees and each given a celebratory carrot (which didn’t last long).  Thanks again to David and Sunshine (and their wonderful girls) for building their new family members an amazing cage and being so gracious and patient when the unexpected happened!


A big happy ending for little hamsters.

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bellamaranthBella and Amaranth, who were some of our longest-kept fosters  (and officially the smallest!) found their forever home last week.  Their new mom Erin wanted hamster friends to share her life with, and she was committed to saving a little life in need!  She contacted ACR&S, and we had to be up front — Bella and Amaranth were older, and being dwarves, had a tendency to be a little nippy.  That was ok, she said, if they wanted to hang out and enjoy themselves and not be handled, they had the right!

The adoption was a great success, and the girls immediately went to work on their food.  (They were barely phased by the car ride).  Afterwards, they spent a charming evening running loudly on the wheel until poor Erin had to remove it so she could get some beauty rest!

Thank you Erin, for giving these older girls a place to live out their lives where they can be appreciated for the marshmallow puffs that they are!

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