Happy Endings for Rat Babies

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As mentioned earlier in the blog, ACR&S had an influx of baby rats due to an emergency intake from another rescue.  These little ones have been very lucky to find forever homes with some of our most amazing adopters.

The first three ratties (named Cherry Bomb, Oreo, and Coffee by their new family) went home to Mike and family just as soon as they weaned.  They had a brand new Martin’s cage to come home to and a little miniature human to call their own!

Snoozing Rats

Our next pair, Bustopher and Casper (formerly Munkustrap), went home to our repeat rattie adopter, Frone.  Frone has given many of our beloved ratties a wonderful forever home, and these boys went in to live with Zapp and Kif (adopted last year).

Finally, a trio of ladies went to live with another repeat adopter, Melissa, who has given many of our past rats a wonderful forever home.  She chose Cheyenne, Dakota, and Wyoming to join her mischief!

Thank you to our wonderful rat adopters for continuing to give our little ones amazing forever homes!


  1. Celia said,

    July 2, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Lucky little ratties!

    Thanks to the good humans at ACRS you have wonderful new homes with kind humans to keep you fed and warm and entertained!

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