A happy ending for Charle and Faunt

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Charlemagne and FauntleroyCharlemagne and Fauntleroy had a rough beginning.  They were picked up by ACR&S shortly after being neutered by an inexperienced vet.  Both were in rough shape (going into stasis and in a lot of pain), but after several terse hours of nursing, they began to recover normally and we thought they were out of the woods.

Unfortunately, they weren’t.  The next day saw their surgical sites hugely inflamed, and we were terrified that they’d herniated.  The news was better, but still odd:  Fauntleroy still had one testicle, and Charlemagne still had part of one.  Nearly a month after their initial neuter, we’d finally got both bunnies healthy and well, and they were on the lookout for a new home.

Enter Jill, their new mom.  She saw the boys on Petfinder, and was intrigued.  As a new rabbit owner, she liked that the boys were young, healthy, and had pretty good litterbox manners.   After a few weeks spent organizing caging, finding a vet, and doing a ton of reading at Rabbit.org, the boys got to come to their new home.

They arrived to a huge box of hay (which her cats also enjoyed — mostly the box), a brand new cage, a playpen, and lots of love.  They figured the ramp out pretty quickly, and then managed to break out of their cage almost immediately, but now they are safely contained and having the time of their life!

Thank you Jill for adopting these sweet bunnies and giving them a second chance!


  1. Celia said,

    June 24, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    What a lovely happily-ever-after for the boys! A new mom who cares enough to do her homework (both in terms of info and home-making!) and kitties for siblings as well. What good fortune boys!

    Good work, ACRS humans- bringing the boys back to health and finding a home that will make their little bunny dreams come true! I’m sure they are thank full and will remember you in their bunny prayers every night!

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