Goodbye, Douglas

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We lost Douglas last night. He came to us in September of 2008 after having been abandoned in an aquarium at a children’s camp – you can read the full story here. He came in with a giant tumor, and unfortunately our vet felt that it was of a type of tumor highly likely to return. Apparently these tumors pop up pretty quickly – Douglas received a clean bill of health from an excellent vet just a couple weeks ago, but last night I noticed he was drooling and found he had a large, hard lump under his chin. Aspiration revealed it was a large tumor that had started to necrotize in the center. The vet felt that removal of a tumor in this location and in this condition would be very difficult, potentially resulting in serious damage to his lower jaw, so we opted to euthanize rather than put him through that.

Douglas was a beautiful, friendly pig who has been a joy to all his cagemates as well as to every human who has known him. Goodbye, little guy.

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  1. Celia said,

    June 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Ah, how sad to say goodbye. Especially to a little friend who seemed so grateful and content with his rescued life. He seems to have recognized his good fortune in arriving on ACRS’ doorstep. What a sweet and intelligent little being- certainly his next life must be filled with love and clover.

    Our sympathy to all the good hands to held him; who gave him the comfort and care that should be the right off all helpless beings (but isn’t). Good rescuers at ACRS : you were so important in his life, as in the lives of many others. What would they do without you?
    Please keep doing your sometimes sad but very valuable work.