Welcome Laverne and Shirley!

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Laverne and Shirley entered the rescue approximately two weeks ago, with the help of our southern friends at Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue.  They had been contacted about these guinea pigs and while they were desperately full, they wanted to help.  Their owner had lost her job months earlier, and when the girls began to scratch, seize, and scream, she was unable to provide them with medical care.

Although the girls (especially Laverne) look as though they’re in dire straits and not long for this world, both of them are simply suffering from mange mites.  Mange mites in guinea pigs are species specific and relatively common.  So common, in fact, that we treat all guinea pigs entering our rescue as a preventative measure!  Though they are communicable, they do also exist naturally on guinea pigs in minute numbers which cause no symptoms.  Stress, illness, and other factors can cause ‘flare ups’ which may need help to be contained.

When left without treatment, the itching that mites cause will progress to serious hair loss, heavy wounds (as the poor guinea pigs scratch themselves desperately), and even seizures.  Heartbreakingly, we sometimes get calls about these poor bald pigs where the owners inform us that the guinea pigs are on their backs “trying to scratch”.  They are having painful convulsions.  If left long enough, they can cause death.  But this takes several months of neglect!

Mites are easily treated with ivermectin or Revolution (selamectin), and these girls are continuing their treatments with us.    In a couple of more weeks we hope to be able to do a ‘before and after’ unveil of beautiful, sleek girls.

shirleylaverneGreatest thanks go to our crack team of Cavy Couriers that helped us get these girls all the way from Georgia to North Carolina in one busy day!  (As well as providing them with some of the lushest 3rd cut of KMs hay I’ve ever seen!)

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  1. Celia said,

    May 3, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Poor Laverne and Shirley!

    But don’t worry little girls, you are now in the best human hands possible! The good ACRS humans will not only provide the medical treatment you so desperately need, they will lavish you with spa-like hair, skin,and nail care so that your natural beauty will soon return. We have seen them work healing miracles before!

    And, once you are feeling well again, they will work to find you a perfect home-one where you will be loved and given the care you certainly deserve.

    Good work ACRS humans and extra applause for the dedicated friends who formed the piggie-train that made this rescue possible.