A happy ending for Mischa, Persia, and Morrigan

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

mmpMischa, Persia, and Morrigan found their happy endings with their new family!  Mischa and Persia were from a hoarder case that was broken in 2008! They’d been with the rescue since October of 2008.  Morrigan was left at a local animal shelter shortly afterwards as a baby.  They were put into a communal cage, and their roomates got adopted from around them, leaving the three.

Having fostered together for over a year and clearly closely bonded, we were determined that they would go home together, and we got our wish!

Penny and family (who run the illustrious Pig Pals of NC — a potbellied pig rescue helping our oinky friends) saw the girls and fell in love with the “old ladies”.  They went home to a wonderful new cage and quickly took over the duties of shoulder sitting, treat munching, and person bossing.

Thanks Penny and family for giving our elder lady rats a good retirement home, and for helping so many homeless pigs as well!

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