A happy ending for Duncan and Bryony

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

Duncan and Bryony have found their forever homes!  We despaired of ever finding a place for Duncan, who had earned notoriety duncanbryas a finger biter after he was surrendered to our vet’s office in Charlotte.  Purchased from Petsmart as a child’s toy, he came home with a respiratory infection and chlamydia (which manifests as eye infections in most grazing animals).  After being shaken and grabbed by a four year old and then having his poor sore eyes smeared with antibiotics three times a day for two weeks, he wasn’t what most people would call pleased with the situation.

After months of foster, he slowly lost his biting ways, was neutered, and fell in love with the beautiful Bryony, who tolerated his presence near her when she was in a good mood and if he was not too close.  Bryony had also painted herself into a corner by failing four separate introductions with four separate girl pigs!

Deborah and her daughter, Shannon, saw these two and wanted to give them a forever home.  Shannon, being an adult, was not likely to squeeze and shake Duncan, and their calm lifestyle was ideal for the somewhat high strung pair.  We arrived this Sunday with a C&C cage, constructed it on site, and had the piggies installed with a great big pile of hay.

Bryony arrived slightly soggy, having needed her skirt washed for excessive laziness and slothiness.  But as you can see, Duncan immediately started looking for the pellets.

Shannon also impressed us with this wonderful drawing of Duncan and Bry (now Zeke and Gigi):


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  1. Celia said,

    May 3, 2010 at 8:49 am

    What great news! This placement was a long time coming but that just demonstrates the good work that ACRS humans dedicate themselves to doing in order to tailor make dreams come true!

    Congrats to Duncan and Bryony- you have shed your old names and lives for a new beginning with loving, and gentle, humans, Deborah and Shannon. Now Zeke and Gigi, you have finally found your happily ever after!

    It can’t get better than that!