A happy ending for Winnie and Leo

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Winnie and Leo have the distinction of being some of our longest fosters, and definitely our longest bunny fosters!  Anne and William were leolooking for another pair of bunnies to add to their life after the passing of their beloved Patches.  They saw Leo and Winnie on Petfinder and were interested in the pair!

The meeting between the two went well, and we prepared for their adoption on the 18th.   We carefully explained that Winnie was quite reticent and somewhat shy, and that she may take a week or two to warm up to her new surroundings, but that Leo was nearly bombproof and shouldn’t have any issues.  Leo had been carried to Rabbit Day in February and spent the entire time boredly rambling around the rabbit pens we brought with us while Winnie refused to leave the carrier.

Rabbits being rabbits, they set out to prove us wrong.  Winnie ambled out like she was returning to an old friend’s house, and Leo graced us with his unhappy face.  Serious disapproval was aimed at Andrea for interrupting his Sunday afternoon.

Despite Leo’s disapproval of his travel plans, Anne and William built an awesome rabbit palace for the pair and bunny proofed a playroom for them to enjoy.leowinnie They’re settling in wonderfully and arrived to a giant box of hay and plenty of interesting things to chew.

Thank you Anne and William for adopting Leo and Winnie in memory of your wonderful Patches.

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