A sad farewell to Huckleberry

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swoozandfamilyIt it with a very sad heart that we wish Huckleberry (formerly Buddy Holly) a swift trip to the bridge.

His adoptive mom, Swooz, emailed us this morning to let us know that he’d passed away — just two days shy of his four month adoptive anniversary. ¬†We first write about Huckleberry back in September of 2009, when he was abandoned at a local animal shelter in a skeletal, emaciated sate.

After fixing his dental issues, he went on to be adopted and became part of Swooz’s herd of older boars — Goldie and Shamojo and they fell in love famously, sharing cuddle cups and tunnels and most especially salads. ¬†Everyone at ACR&S was saddened to hear of his passing, and was thankful that he spent four months being loved and spoiled in the company of his brothers after spending so much time being neglected and starved.

We send all our thoughts and prayers to Swooz, Goldie, and Shamojo, and thank yet another one of our amazing adopters for providing an amazing home for one of the many special needs animals that arrive on our doorsteps.

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  1. Celia said,

    April 26, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Oh, so sad to little friends- especially one who struggled with impossible circumstances before getting a fortunate intervention and winding up with a loving family.

    Little Huckleberry, we are sorry that your suffering was so long and your happiness so short but it is wonderful that you left this life knowing love and kindness.

    To your family- and all who knew and cared for you, thanks for giving this little guy the love he deserved and almost didn’t have. Our hearts are always at risk when we give them to little friends. However, when they leave, the memories of their sweetness remain- forever.