A drawn out happy ending for Ivy and Noelle

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ivynoelleIvy and Noelle had an especially long and drawn out happy ending.  Pulled from the Charmeck Animal Control shortly before Christmas (along with one other sister, Gloria, and a brother, Kris), they had immediate interest from Sunshine, David, and family.  Because of their extremely young age, we felt like the chance of them being pregnant was very small.  They were taken to the vet for an exam, and we couldn’t feel anything at that point, either.

So we sent them to foster for another month, promising the patient family that their piggies would be ready to adopt soon.  When we went to the foster’s house to pick up Noelle, we had a shock — she was definitely pregnant!  We called the poor adopters to let them know that she was in a teenaged motherly way, and they graciously agreed to let her reside in the maternity ward until she gave birth.  (Which she did, with no problems, to Petal, Leaf, and Bud).

The babies finally weaned and the girls were able to go home this past Friday, where they were treated as small queens with their parsley trees and each given a celebratory carrot (which didn’t last long).  Thanks again to David and Sunshine (and their wonderful girls) for building their new family members an amazing cage and being so gracious and patient when the unexpected happened!

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  1. Celia said,

    March 27, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    How wonderful! Babies are so cute that of course everyone wants them but it is especially nice to here that teen mama piggies can find loving humans to adopt them. Every pig needs a home! Congrats to Sunshine, David, and family for seeing the beauty of this pair of piggie girls and welcoming them into their lives.

    Another happy ending!