A happy ending for Russell and Royce

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

Congratulations to Russell and Royce, who have found their forever home with Sharon and family!  Sharon had an older boar namerussellroyced Woody who had recently lost his friend.  She wasn’t really sure who he would like to have as a friend, so we loaded up Russell, Royce, and Audrey to do some dating.  Audrey turned out to be a fourth wheel!  Russell and Royce ran to Woody like a long-lost dad and spent the entire time cuddling up to him and hiding under his expansive hair.  Woody, for his part, seemed intrigued and charmed by the minature guinea pigs currently using him as a hidey house.

We’re happy and excited for the two boys, who can provide much needed companionship to an elderly and well beloved boar, and provide much happiness to a family who loves piggies!

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  1. Celia said,

    March 16, 2010 at 11:54 am

    What happiness! Congrats to the “Daddy Woody” on his new “brood”. I envy the fun that Sharon and his human family will have watching these little boys grow!

    Don’t worry little Audrey- the ACRS humans will have a home for you soon. You can bet that it will be the one best suited to your unique needs and personality so enjoy your time with them; good homes come to patient piggies!