Baby Boom at ACR&S

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Spring is the season of romance, and it’s been no different this year for ACR&S!  Though we have been unusually lucky in the past and received few animals in mixed sex groups, this year has been a veritable lotto of wayward teenaged rodents with accidental pregnancies.

We first took in a group of four baby guinea pigs who were in a mixed sexed group.  We believed the guinea pigs (Noelle, Ivy, Gloria, and Kris) to be young enough that pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue.  However, nature does find a way, and on Friday, February 26th, Noelle delivered three baby guinea pigs to much fanfare in the house (but not much fuss on her part).


Roughly 2 months after the Charmeck group came in, we took in 6 more guinea pigs from a private party who was keeping them in mixed sex pairs.  Ruth arrived already huge and barely able to waddle.  In early February, she proudly produced three babies of her own:


(These are the culprits at exactly 3 weeks of age, having just been weaned).

Around a week after Ruth’s birth, ACR&S accepted a group of “all female” rats.  2 were adult males, and we split them up so that we could do emergency spays since none appeared to be visibly pregnant.  Visibly being the key word, because less than 12 hours before her spay appointment, Onyx produced a robust litter of 13 babies:


This is their 2 week picture, and they’ve just recently opened their eyes!

And then finally, Ms. Wanda the guinea pig gave birth to her litter on March 12, 2010 (a thankfully small group of two!)


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  1. Celia said,

    March 15, 2010 at 11:03 am

    So many pretty babies! It seems like the biggest problem would be adopters will have is choosing the pairs they will take.

    Are there special group adoption rates??? Cheaper by the dozen??? (joking, of course!)