Rabbit Day 2010

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All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary is proud to announce their participation in 2010’s Rabbit Day!  Rabbit Day is an educational event held in the Triangle area, geared towards showcasing adoptable rabbits, publicizing the rabbit overpopulation problem, and serving as a really awesome get-together from rabbit loving individuals from all over the state.  We would invite anyone interested in meeting our bunnies (we’ll have Leo & Winnie, Charlemagne & Fauntleroy, and Bonnie & Clyde there for all to meet), fostering, learning more about us, donating a couple of dollars to the awesome raffle, voting in the bunny picture show, or watching bunnies being clicker trained to stop by!

Rabbit Day 2010 is being held at Animall, which is located in Cary Towne Center in Cary, NC.

Please be sure to visit the Rabbit Day 2010 homepage for more info:

Rabbit Day 2010

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  1. Celia said,

    February 25, 2010 at 10:23 am

    This sounds like a wonderful event!
    Please post pictures for those of us who won’t be able to attend.