A happy ending for Amelia!

Posted in Adoptions at 6:00 am by Jenn

Sophie and AmeliaAmelia is a 5 year old lady that was surrendered to the local animal shelter by her family just before Christmas.  They left a note saying that they had had her for five years, but could no longer care for her, and asked that she be found a good home.  ACR&S pulled her, as a senior, and set about looking for her perfect home.

It didn’t take long!  Alison and Ed saw her on Petfinder and fell in love.  They already have an older sow named Sophie who was alone. She’d been alone for most of her life (with out of cage playdates with other piggies), but they were open to seeing if the girls would get along together.

The introductions went very well, with the two girls mostly just sitting in opposite corners and calling each other names, but soon they settled down and agreed to have a snack together, with Sophie graciously allowing Amelia to reside in her piggie palace.  Thank you again to Alison and Ed for opening up your homes and your hearts to a piggie in her twilight years.

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