A great new year for Sundance!

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sun-e-and-day-zEarly in December, Zoë, an HRS member and rabbit-servant extraordinaire, from SC contacted us looking for a third for her pair of middle aged bunnies.  She really wanted them both to have someone in case one of their friends passed away.  She had seen the profiles on our prison bunnies and had liked the look of Sundance.  We emailed back and forth, she filled out an adoption application, and things were looking great for Sundance!  She was going to be home by Christmas.

Unfortunately, a snowstorm picked that weekend to strike NC and the roads weren’t very good, so we bumped back the transport.  We finally made it happen — on New Year’s Day!  We met halfway between our respective homes, and I was surprised and impressed — Zoë and her husband had converted their SUV into a rolling bunny pen for introductions!  Their two bunnies, Hunter and Day-Z were in the back, grouchy, and along the trip back the spare person introduced the bunnies.  There was soon snuggling and commiserating about the craziness of humans.  As you can see from the pictures, introductions are going well and Sundance (now Sun-E) seems to have found her place.

Zoë and I both laughed at how we misjudged both her rabbits and my rabbit’s sizes!  I thought her buns were much smaller, and she thought Sun-E was much bigger!  So far, though, everyone seems to be getting along, and Sun-E is showing the two boys that little bunnies are not to be pushed around!  Thank you again to Zoë and her husband Gary for offering their home to this wonderful bunny.  We’re excited to consistently have such amazing homes for our rabbits!rabbithat

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  1. Celia said,

    January 6, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    How wonderful!
    Looks like 2010 is getting off to a great start. Way to go, Sun-E and new family! We all love ‘happily ever afters’!