A calvalcade of new arrivals!

Posted in intakes at 9:44 am by Jenn

As the holidays approached, the local animal shelters swelled with homeless guinea pigs trying to find their forever homes.

Billie Jean

Billie Jean was left at the local animal shelter two short weeks before Christmas.  Her surrender card listed her name as “Billy” and her sex was marked as male.  A short sexing later, and it was clear that she was not male, and she became “Billie Jean”.  So far, she has shown herself to be a friendly young sow (estimated age right under one year) and finds particular delight in wallowing through massive piles of hay.


Amelia showed up at the same animal shelter less than a week later.  A note was left with her that she was 5 years of age, and that her family could no longer provide for her, and to please find her a good home.  Amelia has quickly become a favorite in the rescue — she is an absolute snuggler, loves sitting against your chest, and the first night she was at home with us went to sleep in my arms.  She would be a fabulous addition to an established herd, or as a matron to a younger piggie!


A scant few days after we picked up Ms. Amelia, Frazier also showed up!  He is a  handsome young man, his age given at right under a year, and he is quite a character.  He is a consummate beggar, and has perfected the art of dumping all his hay onto the ground so that you can see how truly starving he is and give him some more pellets.

GloriaivykrisNoelleFinally, two days before Christmas, these darlings showed up at Andrea’s local shelter.  Abandoned, they had to spend Christmas at the animal shelter, waiting for their stray hold to expire.  From top to bottom, they are Gloria, Ivy, Kris, and Noelle.  Little Kris has a forever home to go to already, but the young ladies will be available once we can confirm that they are not pregnant (as they arrived in a box with Kris).

Happy New Year to all of our kind friends and supporters!


  1. Penny Stein said,

    January 3, 2010 at 8:31 am

    I had emailed about Billie Jean, not seeing these cuties. I am still interested in Billie Jean but, if she is no longer availbel, would be interested in one of these little girls.

    I also checked out Morrisville. It is an easy trip from Greensboro. Let me know hours. Thanks!

  2. Celia said,

    January 3, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I don’t know which of the new “recruits” is most adorable- they are all beauties! I can’t let Ben look at these pics or he will want them all in his herd!