Happiness and Sadness

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It’s been a very mixed month for us here at ACR&S.  Some of our close friends have lost pets, and have welcomed nAlyseew friends into their homes.

Clementine, first talked about here in the blog crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  It’s likely that her initial bout with such severe neglect had long term complications that we originally could not forsee.  Even though she had such a short time here with us, she lived in spoiled abandon, frolicking with her adopted buddies Ben, Bia, and Raindrop.  In her memory, Alyse and Gabriella are going to their forever home with Celia, her mom.  They leave tonight for a happy Thanksgiving!

PeteyClementine was followed by Wayne, a senior piggie belonging to friend of ACR&S Blair.  Wayne was an elderly guy (estimated to be around 7 years of age), so his passing was not unexpected, although it brought Blair & family a lot of grief, especially in the wake of the loss of their dog Rocco to aggressive cancer despite a hard fight with chemo.  In his memory, Blair adopted Petey from us, who was neutered, and who will live with her youthful harem of young ladies.

We also lost Picchu, one of our pair of chins nearly two weeks ago.  He was fine during first morning checkup, and bounced energetically to the side of the cage for his afternoon hay refresh, but when I went up in the night to tuck everyone in and do one last refill, he was prone in his hammock and cold.  He was an amazing chinchilla that loved chin scratches more than anything, and we were devastated by his loss.  His unusually friendly antics and clownish showboating are greatly missed in our little zoo.

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  1. Celia said,

    November 21, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    We send our deepest sympathy for the losses of Wayne, Rocco, and little Picchu. While we mourn the departure of our darling Clementine, we remember these lyrics;

    “There may be laughter after pain,
    There will be sunshine after rain,
    These things have always been the same.”

    Our sunshine arrived in the chocolate and vanilla colors of sweet little Gabriella and Alyse. We are very thankful for the good humans at ACRS for giving us two more reasons to smile.

    With love, Ben, Bia, Raindrop, Gabbie, Alyse, and Celia