A happy ending for Paulo and Icarus!

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A congratulations to Paulo and IcarusIcarus & Paulo who found their forever home this past Sunday!  Laura and her family decided to add guinea pigs into their familiy, and after meeting Paulo and Icarus they decided that these guys were perfect for them!

Icarus really impressed them with his overall bravery, and within seconds of being put into his brand new C&C cage, he was dragging veggies around and begging for food like a pro.  Paulo, being shyer, spent some time hiding in his pigloo before he decided that if Icarus wasn’t scared, he probably would be ok.

Their new mom says:

At first, they stuck close to the pigloos, so we left them alone for a few hours. After dinner, we brought them out for some lap time with lettuce and parsley. The boys enjoyed holding and petting the guinea pigs, and the guinea pigs didn’t mind too much as long as there was food. After Icarus finished eating, he decided he needed to visit Paulo, so he trotted across the couch. After we put the guinea pigs back in their cage, I was reading a book out loud on the couch. Apparently, the guinea pigs figured that we were too far away to be scary and they came out of the pigloos, ate, drank, and trotted and jumped around. We pretended we weren’t watching while enjoying the show.

Thank you to Laura and family for offering these boys their “forever” home and a second chance!

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  1. Celia said,

    September 27, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    How wonderful.
    Bia Joy sends her brother Paulo, his buddy Icarus. and their new family her best wishes that they may be as happy with one another as she has been with us!