A new intake — Buddy Holly.

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ACR&S welcome in it’s newest intake with a flurry.  Last Thursday, we were contacted by a local shelter about a guinea pig who had been surrendered by his owner.  His name was Buddy, and he was 2 years old.  He was by himself, and seemed to be in good health and very friendly.  When we received him yesterday evening, it was quickly apparent that Buddy was a very sick little guy.

Buddy weighed in at a skeletal 1 lb.  He was only 50 grams bigger than Cookie, a neglected pig from the Jax breeder dump who was missing all four front teeth, had a respiratory infection, and suffered throughout his life from a chronic condition similar to volvulus in humans. Buddy Holly In addition, he was nearly bald on his underside (most likely from scurvy or poor living conditions) and his teeth were in bad condition (most likely causing his starvation).

We made a hard decision for Buddy.  Without dental surgery, he would be unable to eat properly and unlikely to recover.  But without gaining more weight, surgery in his emaciated state was risky.  We decided to try and have his teeth corrected in a desperate gamble to give him a second chance.

Miraculously, this little guy came through his surgery with flying colors.  His front incisors were out of alignment in addition to his back molars have multiple points on them preventing him from eating.

He’s recovering and bulking up now, and on a regiment of antibiotics, liquid vitamin C, probiotics, Critical Care, and metacam to help with any pain he may be experiencing.  Buddy may need ongoing dental surgeries and/or x-rays if he does not continue to recover at the same rate, any donations are welcome and appreciated.


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