Update: Pumpkin and Niblet

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Happy 1 year anniversary to Pumpkin and Niblet!Pumpkin and Niblet

Their mom writes:

Thanks. I’ve been meaning to send you an update. The girls are great. I’m amazed at how different their personalities are. Pumpkin is bold – she comes up to her bowls every night for a chin scratch and a good pet when its salad time. She also loves cucumber which Niblet doesn’t like. Niblet is still very quiet and shy but she is a hoot to watch since she moves her igloo all over the place so it can face the bowls at dinner time and then face away from the cage front when she’s not eating. She eats the salad from the top down – happy with whatever she gets, while Pumpkin sniffs and digs to pull her favorite stuff out first.

Anyway, they are doing great and they really helped our son get through this spring when we lost our 16 year old dog.

The two girls were originally surrendered with their owner’s daughter became ill, and her chemotherapy treatments weakened her immune system to the point that they felt like it was inadvisable to keep the piggies.  The girls came to us, plump and well loved, and Carrie and her family fell in love with them in an instant.  They road tripped all the way from SC to meet the girls, and it was love at first site!

Thanks for the updates Carrie, I’m glad the girls are doing well!

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