Update: Roxanne, Isadora, and Cassidy

Posted in updates at 8:56 am by Jenn

I wrote Roxanne, Isadora, and Cassidy’s family to wish them a happy “1 year!” from their adoption.  Their new family wrote back:2533125095_7c15504eb5_o

It is so good to hear from you.  Yes, all three of the girls are doing great!  They are sooooo cute, and start squeaking at just the sound of mine or my daughter’s voice, then put their feet up on the cage begging for their veggie.  They all seem very happy.
The three girls were left at the Cumberland County Animal Shelter along with their brother, Ruxpin.  They were adopted by Melanie and her daughters approximately 1 year ago, and are happy, healthy, and above all — spoiled!

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