Goodbye, Piglet

Posted in Memorials at 2:29 pm by ACR&S

pigletalfalfa4On Friday, September 4, I came home to find Piglet had died in her sleep.  I’ve posted fairly extensively about her in the past – simply type her name into the search bar to read her complete history. She ended up being with us a little over a year and a half. If the information we had on her was correct, she would have been about 4.5 years old – not too shabby for a pig who was malnourished and nearly starved to death through ignorance of her former owner.

I don’t really have much to say about losing her, because as much as it was inevitable, it really stinks. I’m just very, very glad that we of all people got the chance to be Piglet’s happy ending.  Bye, you sweet little girl.

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