A happy ending for Indigo and Saffron

Posted in Adoptions at 8:47 am by Jenn

3481867528_36d591d585A hearty congratulations to Indigo (now Rosemary) and Saffron!  They have found their forever home with one of our amazing repeat adopters, Melissa.  Melissa offered a forever home to Dove and Crow earlier in the year, and when her beloved River passed, “gotta get more rat” syndrome struck again.   She was drawn to Indigo and Saffron, a pair of rats from the Charmeck Hoarder bust that were looking for their forever homes.  It wasn’t looking good for the girls — Indigo was very shy and prone to nipping, and Saffron was having ongoing dental issues that required a knowledgeable rat parent.

Luckily, Melissa had dealt with shy nippers before, and had also had rats that had dental problems!  The girls are now living together in one big happy, rattie family, and shy Indigo is coming out of her shell beautifully.  Saffron, never shy to begin with, is a ham for the spotlight, and was immediately involved in a daring theft involving an unattended smoothie!

Thank you as always to our adopters, without whom we could not accomplish half of what we do, and congratulations to Saffron and Indigo (Rosemary)!

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