Goodbye Avery.

Posted in Memorials at 8:46 am by Jenn

Avery was a beautiful satin abyssinian girl who was surrendered to us in August of 2008.avery She entered the rescue along with Alyse, Kevin, and Roger.  She lived with her partner, Alyse the entire time she was with us.  In June of this year, we added Gabriella to the pair after she gave birth to her adorable babies.  Though Avery was not very fond of Gabriella, she did tolerate her, and the three were adopted to their forever home.

Less than a month later, they were returned because they were “too much work”.  The trio came back to my house to await adoption again.  This Saturday, September 5th, we returned home in the evening after dinner to find that Avery had laid down and not gotten back up.  She had been fine during the morning feeding, and was fiesty and demanding as ever.   We’ll be consulting with our vet about a necropsy, which will be difficult because of the time elapsed (since it’s a holiday weekend).

Avery will be missed, and not only by her friends.  She was a bossy and enthusiastic pig, who frequently spent time scolding the cage next door for being too loud.  Her antics always brought a smile to our faces, and she will be greatly missed.  We’re only sorry that she never found a place to call her forever home.

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