A happy ending for Paulo and Icarus!

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A congratulations to Paulo and IcarusIcarus & Paulo who found their forever home this past Sunday!  Laura and her family decided to add guinea pigs into their familiy, and after meeting Paulo and Icarus they decided that these guys were perfect for them!

Icarus really impressed them with his overall bravery, and within seconds of being put into his brand new C&C cage, he was dragging veggies around and begging for food like a pro.  Paulo, being shyer, spent some time hiding in his pigloo before he decided that if Icarus wasn’t scared, he probably would be ok.

Their new mom says:

At first, they stuck close to the pigloos, so we left them alone for a few hours. After dinner, we brought them out for some lap time with lettuce and parsley. The boys enjoyed holding and petting the guinea pigs, and the guinea pigs didn’t mind too much as long as there was food. After Icarus finished eating, he decided he needed to visit Paulo, so he trotted across the couch. After we put the guinea pigs back in their cage, I was reading a book out loud on the couch. Apparently, the guinea pigs figured that we were too far away to be scary and they came out of the pigloos, ate, drank, and trotted and jumped around. We pretended we weren’t watching while enjoying the show.

Thank you to Laura and family for offering these boys their “forever” home and a second chance!


A new intake — Buddy Holly.

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ACR&S welcome in it’s newest intake with a flurry.  Last Thursday, we were contacted by a local shelter about a guinea pig who had been surrendered by his owner.  His name was Buddy, and he was 2 years old.  He was by himself, and seemed to be in good health and very friendly.  When we received him yesterday evening, it was quickly apparent that Buddy was a very sick little guy.

Buddy weighed in at a skeletal 1 lb.  He was only 50 grams bigger than Cookie, a neglected pig from the Jax breeder dump who was missing all four front teeth, had a respiratory infection, and suffered throughout his life from a chronic condition similar to volvulus in humans. Buddy Holly In addition, he was nearly bald on his underside (most likely from scurvy or poor living conditions) and his teeth were in bad condition (most likely causing his starvation).

We made a hard decision for Buddy.  Without dental surgery, he would be unable to eat properly and unlikely to recover.  But without gaining more weight, surgery in his emaciated state was risky.  We decided to try and have his teeth corrected in a desperate gamble to give him a second chance.

Miraculously, this little guy came through his surgery with flying colors.  His front incisors were out of alignment in addition to his back molars have multiple points on them preventing him from eating.

He’s recovering and bulking up now, and on a regiment of antibiotics, liquid vitamin C, probiotics, Critical Care, and metacam to help with any pain he may be experiencing.  Buddy may need ongoing dental surgeries and/or x-rays if he does not continue to recover at the same rate, any donations are welcome and appreciated.


Welcome Fudgems and Petey

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A big welcome to Petey and Fudgems!  The two boys were surrendered to ACR&S by loving parents who were having problems with a chronically ill child.  The boys were kept in spacious C&C cages with a superb diet.  The two boys, however, do not get along well, so they’re available for adoption to be friends with other pigs more suited to their personalities.


Welcome Drustan and Callum

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Drustan & CallumWelcome to Drustan and Callum, our newest adoptables.  The two boys were privately surrendered to ACR&S when their owner became unable to care for them due chronic health problems coupled with an upcoming surgery.  The two boys are fairly skittish, but sweet, and have quickly learned about the joys of veggies!


Update: Pumpkin and Niblet

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Happy 1 year anniversary to Pumpkin and Niblet!Pumpkin and Niblet

Their mom writes:

Thanks. I’ve been meaning to send you an update. The girls are great. I’m amazed at how different their personalities are. Pumpkin is bold – she comes up to her bowls every night for a chin scratch and a good pet when its salad time. She also loves cucumber which Niblet doesn’t like. Niblet is still very quiet and shy but she is a hoot to watch since she moves her igloo all over the place so it can face the bowls at dinner time and then face away from the cage front when she’s not eating. She eats the salad from the top down – happy with whatever she gets, while Pumpkin sniffs and digs to pull her favorite stuff out first.

Anyway, they are doing great and they really helped our son get through this spring when we lost our 16 year old dog.

The two girls were originally surrendered with their owner’s daughter became ill, and her chemotherapy treatments weakened her immune system to the point that they felt like it was inadvisable to keep the piggies.  The girls came to us, plump and well loved, and Carrie and her family fell in love with them in an instant.  They road tripped all the way from SC to meet the girls, and it was love at first site!

Thanks for the updates Carrie, I’m glad the girls are doing well!


Update: Roxanne, Isadora, and Cassidy

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I wrote Roxanne, Isadora, and Cassidy’s family to wish them a happy “1 year!” from their adoption.  Their new family wrote back:2533125095_7c15504eb5_o

It is so good to hear from you.  Yes, all three of the girls are doing great!  They are sooooo cute, and start squeaking at just the sound of mine or my daughter’s voice, then put their feet up on the cage begging for their veggie.  They all seem very happy.
The three girls were left at the Cumberland County Animal Shelter along with their brother, Ruxpin.  They were adopted by Melanie and her daughters approximately 1 year ago, and are happy, healthy, and above all — spoiled!


Goodbye, Piglet

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pigletalfalfa4On Friday, September 4, I came home to find Piglet had died in her sleep.  I’ve posted fairly extensively about her in the past – simply type her name into the search bar to read her complete history. She ended up being with us a little over a year and a half. If the information we had on her was correct, she would have been about 4.5 years old – not too shabby for a pig who was malnourished and nearly starved to death through ignorance of her former owner.

I don’t really have much to say about losing her, because as much as it was inevitable, it really stinks. I’m just very, very glad that we of all people got the chance to be Piglet’s happy ending.  Bye, you sweet little girl.

A happy ending for Indigo and Saffron

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3481867528_36d591d585A hearty congratulations to Indigo (now Rosemary) and Saffron!  They have found their forever home with one of our amazing repeat adopters, Melissa.  Melissa offered a forever home to Dove and Crow earlier in the year, and when her beloved River passed, “gotta get more rat” syndrome struck again.   She was drawn to Indigo and Saffron, a pair of rats from the Charmeck Hoarder bust that were looking for their forever homes.  It wasn’t looking good for the girls — Indigo was very shy and prone to nipping, and Saffron was having ongoing dental issues that required a knowledgeable rat parent.

Luckily, Melissa had dealt with shy nippers before, and had also had rats that had dental problems!  The girls are now living together in one big happy, rattie family, and shy Indigo is coming out of her shell beautifully.  Saffron, never shy to begin with, is a ham for the spotlight, and was immediately involved in a daring theft involving an unattended smoothie!

Thank you as always to our adopters, without whom we could not accomplish half of what we do, and congratulations to Saffron and Indigo (Rosemary)!


Goodbye Avery.

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Avery was a beautiful satin abyssinian girl who was surrendered to us in August of 2008.avery She entered the rescue along with Alyse, Kevin, and Roger.  She lived with her partner, Alyse the entire time she was with us.  In June of this year, we added Gabriella to the pair after she gave birth to her adorable babies.  Though Avery was not very fond of Gabriella, she did tolerate her, and the three were adopted to their forever home.

Less than a month later, they were returned because they were “too much work”.  The trio came back to my house to await adoption again.  This Saturday, September 5th, we returned home in the evening after dinner to find that Avery had laid down and not gotten back up.  She had been fine during the morning feeding, and was fiesty and demanding as ever.   We’ll be consulting with our vet about a necropsy, which will be difficult because of the time elapsed (since it’s a holiday weekend).

Avery will be missed, and not only by her friends.  She was a bossy and enthusiastic pig, who frequently spent time scolding the cage next door for being too loud.  Her antics always brought a smile to our faces, and she will be greatly missed.  We’re only sorry that she never found a place to call her forever home.


Sponsor a Guinea Pig for September!

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September’s Sp0nsored Guinea Pig is Tagg, from the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue! Tagg is an adorable little guy who reminds me strongly of our first piggy Chuck. Tagg suffers from recurrent Myxosarcoma tumors on his nose (painful, but not cancerous). They have to be surgically removed every few months, causing both Tagg and the rescue great distress.

Each surgery costs $150 – SAGP and MGPR are hoping to raise enough money for two surgeries, $300. Financial contributions toward Tagg will be greatly appreciated! Please visit SAGP or MGPR today to make your September donation!