Bia is born into a happy ending.

Posted in Adoptions at 6:25 pm by Jenn

BiaA few weeks ago, we announced the joyous arrival of Gabriella’s five babies.  I’m pleased today to write about the happy ending of one of them, Bia.

Bia arrived fortuitously.  Long time friend of ACR&S Celia has been looking for quite a while for a friend for her grouchy pig Raindrop.  Raindrop beat Duncan soundly several months ago, and we were hoping that she would be more predisposed towards an itty bitty baby (most adult pigs can’t resist them).

I mentioned jokingly that whichever baby she picked, she could name her “Dewdrop”.  And then right in the middle of Gabby’s rainbow colored litter was a little black-eyed guinea pig with pristine white fur.  These are commonly called “DEW”s, or dark-eyed whites.  So our dewdrop was found.

Unfortunately, Raindrop also was not impressed with a baby (in Celia’s words, Raindrop ran one way and Bia ran the other, both screaming), but Clementine and her husband Ben were more than happy to add one more tiny mouth to their family.

From Celia:

Though quieter than I had expected, she has plenty of vim and attitude : the funniest moment (so far!) was when she became frustrated by Ben hogging the ‘best’ spot at the haypile.  She ran to the opposite side, climbed to the top, and performed a victorious nose rise over his head.  Uncle Ben just kept on munching, indifferent to the little mouse that roared above him.

So a heartfelt congratulations to Bia, and our deepest gratitude to Celia, who has been a friend of ours for so long, and who has given so many of our most needy souls their forever home that there will never be enough thanks!


  1. Celia said,

    July 28, 2009 at 7:46 am

    Thanks to Gabriella and ACRS for bringing Bia Joy Dewdrop into our lives!

    And we are still hoping that, like Duncan who finally found his true love, Raindrop will one day find hers! It may take a lot of searching, but we know the good humans of ACRS have performed miracles before and will do their best to create one more!

  2. Celia said,

    August 17, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Raindrop, a pigstress of action, could not wait for the humans to perform miracles- she lept the wall that divided her private quarters from the pig pen commons where Bia Joy, Clementine, and Ben live. She has happily settled in there and now happily resides as a member of the herd.

    This is a true “happily ever after” story.

    Many thanks to ACRS for making our dreams come true.