Congratulations to Avery, Alyse, and Gabby!

Posted in Adoptions at 7:24 pm by Jenn

Avery, Alyse, and GabbyA great big congratulations to Avery, Alyse, and Gabby!  They have found their forever home.

Avery and Alyse were surrendered to us this past summer when their owner adopted a new dog.  The new pet harassed her guinea pigs non-stop, and unwilling to put effort into gating the dog away from the guinea pigs, elected to abandon them instead.

Gabriella was abandoned at the local animal shelter, heavily pregnant and already with a litter nursing.  She gave birth to five bouncing babies shortly after we took her in.

We bonded the trio and then they got to go home to a piggie paradise!  Their new family had built them an enormous C&C cage and had a variety of delicious vegetables and amazingly good home-made houses!

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