Goodbye to Nimue and Lilith

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NimueGoodbye to Lilith and Nimue, two baby ratties who have left us with so much unfulfilled potential.  The sisters arrived in a trio, along with their sister Morrigan, abandoned at a local animal shelter.  Their owner had said that they were moving, and did not have room for the tiny rats.

ACR&S took them in in order to find them homes with high hopes!  They were playful, bold, and daring, and absolutely loved people.  After only a few days in foster, Lilith started limping quite badly on her back leg.  She was rushed to the vet, who did x-rays, and confirmed that there were no bone breaks and no congentical abnormalities.  Sweet Lilith was prescribed pain medication and cage rest.

3 days later, on a Sunday morning, I got up early and made the rounds, checking everyone, refilling water bottles, and refilling food and giving treats along the way.  I greeted the trio of babies and played a gentle game of tag with them before returning to bed to “sleep in”.  When I woke up a few hours later, Nimue (left)had passed quietly in her sleep.  My husband and I were heartbroken, and we took her body in to see if we could find anything on necropsy.  Necropsy showed no apparent signs of death.

Meanwhile, Lilith continued to limp.  Even in a smaller, one level cage with no ramps and precious little to do besides snooze, her problems intensified.


Soon, she was beginning to have difficulties with her front legs as well.  She kept her front paws curled up and had poor balanced, seemingly out of nowhere and with no reasonable cause.  Several people, including our vet, suggested that she may have a pituitary tumor (although such a thing is relatively unheard of in such a tiny rat), and we began an aggressive steroid treatment to try and delay the inevitable.

Only a few days later, she crossed the bridge after I had gone to work for the day.   She had taken her steroids that morning with gusto (having been compounded by the lovely people at Carolina Compounding Pharmacy to be a delicious tutti fruitti).  She chittered her teeth and boggled at me (all signs of a happy rat) as I held her that morning.  She was a real cuddle-bug, and seemed to genuinely enjoy snuggling up to “her” people.

Their sister, Morrigan, continues to stay with ACR&S, and has bonded to another pair of rats named Mischa and Persia, and so far has shown none of the frightening symptoms of her sisters.    Rest in peace, little rats.  We’re glad you had a time with people that loved and cared for you.

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