New ACR&S Fundraiser – which doesn’t cost you a cent!

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First of all, let me take the time to thank you personally for all the support that you have already given us.  Without our network of adopters, fosters, donors, and friends in general, what we do would be impossible.  Regardless of how great our desire to rescue, without those who provide forever homes and help us in our efforts to get them there, we could accomplish nothing.

This past year has been a difficult one for everybody.   The economy is uncertain, and in these uncertain times, most often the animals suffer for it.  And the smallest souls often seem to suffer the most.  We have received a record influx of requests for surrenders and cries from help from local shelter inundated with a population of small animals that has been unrivaled so far.

We would like to ask for your help.  We at ACR&S have started a fundraiser in partnership with InsiderPages.com, and we’d like your help to make it successful.  It’s an easy process:

1.)  Go to our “fundraiser” website:  http://www.insiderpages.com/fundraisers/All-Creatures-Rescue-Sanctuary-0906 Make SURE that you start from this site so that all your hard work can help us out!

2.)  Click on the bright blue button on the right that says “Join This Fundraiser!”

3.)  Register, and then login, and start reviewing local businesses.  (NOT chains, like McDonald’s, but locally owned restaurants, your favorite vet, the nice mechanic down the street)  As you review, the website will tell you how much money each review is generating for us!

By doing this, InsiderPages will donate money to ACR&S!  Anybody anywhere in the country can participate.  As long as they start from OUR page (in step 1), they can review places anywhere in the country!  Our goal is to raise $1,000 to help bolster our vet fund.  This year we’ve helped many sick animals, and have allowed many to come with us and ease their suffering in passing.  Our average cost per animal is $250, and reaching our goal would mean assured vet care for four animals.  Veterinary care is the biggest portion of our budget, and ALL donations we receive go to providing it.

How else can you help?
Pass it forward!  Send this to people that you know that like animals (especially little ones!) and ask them to review a few places.  Are you active on animal forums?  Post our link!  Each first review is worth up to $1.50 to us!  If you get 10 friends to do 1 review each, you’ve donated $15 to our cause, and all by spending a few minutes of your time to tell people about your awesome doctor or mechanic or local shop, right in your living room.  You can help your local businesses as well while helping us!

Thank you again, for all of your past and future support!

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