Sponsor a Rescued Guinea Pig for May!

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opiesmallMay’s Piggy-of-the-Month is Opie from Orange County Cavy Haven! Opie is an absolutely adorable guinea pig who has a serious impaction problem. Impaction is very painful and dangerous, so during May SAGP is going to try and raise the money to treat Opie’s severe impaction by getting him neutered.

Opie’s impaction is so severe that he needs his anal sac needed to be cleaned out every day. This can happen when a pig lives a lifetime of poor low-fiber diet and no exercise-the male’s sac sags over time as muscle tone is lost. However Opie (at age 3 or 4) is too young for the severity of his condition.

While many pigs’ conditions will improve with good diet and exercise, in some extreme cases the male has to be neutered, which removes the excess skin. It also prevents a dangerous condition from forming–unrelieved gas in a guinea pig can lead to gastric torsion, a situation that is almost always quick and fatal. Opie is already suffering from a repeated bacterial infection called enteritis, for which he has to take medication. His entire medication regimine (Metacam for pain, Reglan for G.I. motility, Charcoal for the gas, and Flagyl for the bacterial infection) costs $60 a month, but could be largely eliminated after Opie’s neuter. Opie’s neuter will also leave him much more comfortable, as he’ll be able to pass his fecal pellets without aid.

The goal for Opie is $246 broken down as $68 for the neuter, $15 for pain meds, $100 for Isofluorane, $12 nursing care, $15 fluids, and $36 exam, as well as some painkillers and antibiotics to take home.

Please visit SAGP or Orange County Cavy Haven to donate for Opie today!

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