Sad news from old friends.

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We’ve received some very sad updates from old friends in the past week.

Mia HammWe first heard from Michael and Carrie last week, letting us know that our beloved Mia Hamm had passed away.  A couple of months ago, Mia began bleeding from beneath her tail, and after multiple rounds of antibiotics, and an x-ray was done that revealed a serious tumor.  She passed her final days surrounded by her family and in comfort.  Hers was a happy tail from beginning to end — she found her family and lived a full and cherished life with them.

We then heard a followup from Twoflower the guinea pig. Twoflower He as adopted by Chris to be friends with his strong-willed ladypig Stealth.  They lived together in harmony and happiness for many months.  Unfortunately, early last week Twoflower passed in the wee hours of the morning as his heroic dad tried valiantly to get him into the emergency vet.

While we are always saddened to hear that our friends have gone over to the bridge, we are always heartened to know what good little lives our friends have had, and how dearly bought having a happy ending is.  Thank you again, to our wonderful adopters, who give so much to these little guys.


Welcome Charmeck Rats!

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A great big welcome to a big group of Rattie Girlseight girl rats that were pulled from Charmeck Animal Control.  These girls were part of a hoarder bust in Lincoln County from a person that had 300+ animals on their property!  They are from the same group that Fry and Bender and Persia and Mischa.

These girls are pretty shy, but overall very friendly and extra excited to be here at ACR&S.  (Also they are very mischevious, and when I moved their cages into the bathroom to rearrange this weekend, they unrolled my entire roll of toilet paper and made a nest)!

Right now, their biggest drawback is their coloring — in rats, the least adopted colors are pink-eyed whites (or “PEWs”).  Of the group of eight, two are PEWs, three are fawn (peach) hooded, 1 is champagne hooded (a very light beige), one is a very poorly marked siamese (to the point where she could probably be called a PEW) and one is agouti.

So big welcome to Chandra, Rhea, Caliban, Callisto, Indigo, Saffron, Tegan, and Lila!


Congratulations to Zapp and Kif!

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Congratulations to zappkifour rotten boys, Zapp and Kif, who were adopted by new friend of ACR&S Frone and her rattie bunch!  Frone had adopted our precious little girl, Phoebe, who had escaped from being snake food late last year.  Little Phoebe, however, left us in April from multiple abdominal tumors.  She is missed by all, and in her honor, two more rattie lives were saved.

These two baby boys were abandoned singly at a local animal shelter, but it was love at first sight for them!  They’ve been inseparable since their introduction, and though they spend much of their time wrestling and looking for trouble, when it’s nap time they curl up with each other.  These lucky (neutered!) boys are going to live in a palatial free-range habitat with several adorable girls who  will enjoy their company immensely!

Thank you Frone, for giving our little guys a “furever” home!


Congratulations, Mia!

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Congraulations to Mia, the adorable shih-tzu puppy with the poo snacking problems that led her to be abandoned more than once!  She was adopted bymia her new mom Janelle to come home to her huge forever family on May 14, 2009.

Poor Mia had been abandoned three times before finding her forever home, and her foster mama reports that she is happy as clam, and runs from friend to friend in her new home, playing, chasing, and loving them to her heart’s content.


Goodbye to Nimue and Lilith

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NimueGoodbye to Lilith and Nimue, two baby ratties who have left us with so much unfulfilled potential.  The sisters arrived in a trio, along with their sister Morrigan, abandoned at a local animal shelter.  Their owner had said that they were moving, and did not have room for the tiny rats.

ACR&S took them in in order to find them homes with high hopes!  They were playful, bold, and daring, and absolutely loved people.  After only a few days in foster, Lilith started limping quite badly on her back leg.  She was rushed to the vet, who did x-rays, and confirmed that there were no bone breaks and no congentical abnormalities.  Sweet Lilith was prescribed pain medication and cage rest.

3 days later, on a Sunday morning, I got up early and made the rounds, checking everyone, refilling water bottles, and refilling food and giving treats along the way.  I greeted the trio of babies and played a gentle game of tag with them before returning to bed to “sleep in”.  When I woke up a few hours later, Nimue (left)had passed quietly in her sleep.  My husband and I were heartbroken, and we took her body in to see if we could find anything on necropsy.  Necropsy showed no apparent signs of death.

Meanwhile, Lilith continued to limp.  Even in a smaller, one level cage with no ramps and precious little to do besides snooze, her problems intensified.


Soon, she was beginning to have difficulties with her front legs as well.  She kept her front paws curled up and had poor balanced, seemingly out of nowhere and with no reasonable cause.  Several people, including our vet, suggested that she may have a pituitary tumor (although such a thing is relatively unheard of in such a tiny rat), and we began an aggressive steroid treatment to try and delay the inevitable.

Only a few days later, she crossed the bridge after I had gone to work for the day.   She had taken her steroids that morning with gusto (having been compounded by the lovely people at Carolina Compounding Pharmacy to be a delicious tutti fruitti).  She chittered her teeth and boggled at me (all signs of a happy rat) as I held her that morning.  She was a real cuddle-bug, and seemed to genuinely enjoy snuggling up to “her” people.

Their sister, Morrigan, continues to stay with ACR&S, and has bonded to another pair of rats named Mischa and Persia, and so far has shown none of the frightening symptoms of her sisters.    Rest in peace, little rats.  We’re glad you had a time with people that loved and cared for you.


A happy ending for Ursula!

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Congraulations to Ursula for Ursulafinding her forever home!  She found her new home with her new dad, Josh!  Josh and his family were looking for the perfect hamster, and when they met Ursula it was love at first sight!

Ursula went home tonight to a palatial new cage and tons and tons of toys!

Thank you so much for opening your hearts and your home to Ursula!


Goodbye Freddie

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Aragorn, Gonzo, and Freddie

On May 15 we lost Freddie, a lovely older man who came to us from the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue. WIGPR rescued Freddie in January 2008. He was being advertised for free on Craigslist, and his former owner reported that she got him on Freecycle from another lady who also got him on Freecycle. He was living alone in a 50 gallon aquarium. They guessed he was an older pig – at least 5, possibly older – so he was sent to ACR&S to retire. We successfully bonded him with two of our other Sanctuary residents, Aragorn and Gonzo, and he lived happily with them, and then just with Aragorn after Gonzo died in September 2008.

Freddie has been slowly losing weight over the last 9 months, down to around 650 grams from around 950 last summer. We assumed he was just getting older, because his appetite and attitude were still marvelous, and none of his vet visits have shown any abnormalities.

On May 7 Freddie developed a crusty, squinty eye. ANY head problems in guinea pigs can potentially result from dentail problems, but his teeth looked good on a normal oral exam, so the vet diagnosed it as a simple eye infection. A week later, his eye was still not better and I noticed he was turning his head to the left when he chewed anything. I took him back in on May 14, and  x-rays revealed that he had two hidden problems: a fairly advanced inner ear infection on the left, and deeply elongated molar roots on both sides. The vet planed the teeth down to help reduce the root elongation, and we put him on TMZ for the inner ear infection, but the vet said the infection may be a sign that the roots are impinging on the inner ear or the even the socket of the eye itself.

Freddie never really recovered from the procedure. He just continued to get weaker and weaker throughout the day Friday, taking less and less critical care, and finally at 10pm he laid down and never got up. The vet was incredibly apologetic, because I insisted that we shouldn’t put him through this if he was too weak to survive it, yet the bloodwork revealed no contraindications for surgery and the vet felt it was more than safe to go ahead. Fortunately he was on strong pain control so I know he went painlessly and peacefully, and his buddy Aragorn was with him.

We’re very grateful to WIGPR for giving us the opportunity to care for Freddie this last year – he was really one of the friendliest pigs we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Bye little man.


Congratulations, Fry & Bender!

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Fry & BenderFry and Bender are big old squishy male rats that were confiscated by a local animal shelter after a hoarder arrest out in Western NC.   They entered the rescue with many of the other rats from that escapade, and were the first of the boys onto the chopping block to be neutered.

When our awesome Charlotte vet was looking for a new pair of ratties, these guys caught her eye.  They were squishy and loveable (oh, and pretty lazy, like most male rats), and it was love at first sight.  Their adoption went very smoothly, and they’ve now got a huge ferret cage to play in and lots of love and attention to be spoiled with.

Thank you Lauren, for letting these guys into your life!  They are lucky, lucky ratties!


New ACR&S Fundraiser – which doesn’t cost you a cent!

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First of all, let me take the time to thank you personally for all the support that you have already given us.  Without our network of adopters, fosters, donors, and friends in general, what we do would be impossible.  Regardless of how great our desire to rescue, without those who provide forever homes and help us in our efforts to get them there, we could accomplish nothing.

This past year has been a difficult one for everybody.   The economy is uncertain, and in these uncertain times, most often the animals suffer for it.  And the smallest souls often seem to suffer the most.  We have received a record influx of requests for surrenders and cries from help from local shelter inundated with a population of small animals that has been unrivaled so far.

We would like to ask for your help.  We at ACR&S have started a fundraiser in partnership with InsiderPages.com, and we’d like your help to make it successful.  It’s an easy process:

1.)  Go to our “fundraiser” website:  http://www.insiderpages.com/fundraisers/All-Creatures-Rescue-Sanctuary-0906 Make SURE that you start from this site so that all your hard work can help us out!

2.)  Click on the bright blue button on the right that says “Join This Fundraiser!”

3.)  Register, and then login, and start reviewing local businesses.  (NOT chains, like McDonald’s, but locally owned restaurants, your favorite vet, the nice mechanic down the street)  As you review, the website will tell you how much money each review is generating for us!

By doing this, InsiderPages will donate money to ACR&S!  Anybody anywhere in the country can participate.  As long as they start from OUR page (in step 1), they can review places anywhere in the country!  Our goal is to raise $1,000 to help bolster our vet fund.  This year we’ve helped many sick animals, and have allowed many to come with us and ease their suffering in passing.  Our average cost per animal is $250, and reaching our goal would mean assured vet care for four animals.  Veterinary care is the biggest portion of our budget, and ALL donations we receive go to providing it.

How else can you help?
Pass it forward!  Send this to people that you know that like animals (especially little ones!) and ask them to review a few places.  Are you active on animal forums?  Post our link!  Each first review is worth up to $1.50 to us!  If you get 10 friends to do 1 review each, you’ve donated $15 to our cause, and all by spending a few minutes of your time to tell people about your awesome doctor or mechanic or local shop, right in your living room.  You can help your local businesses as well while helping us!

Thank you again, for all of your past and future support!


Another adopter update!

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It almost never happens that we hear from long-ago adopters, and then two in one week! This is an update on two piggies that we helped transport and place from the South Carolina Guinea Pig Rescue in 2006/2007.

It’s been a while — actually it’s been since you moved to Wisconsin! I just wanted to write to you and give you an update on our piggies O-Ren Ishi and Beatrix Kiddo (names you might recognize if you’ve seen Kill Bill). These pigs came to us via you and SC Rescue and were known then as Lavender and Spice. (And I still don’t have pictures.) They were about 8 weeks old when we got them and are now around 2 and 1/2.

You dropped us off some cubes and coroplast before you got away to Wisconsin. I’ve been meaning to update you for a while.

I did get to:

1) make a coroplast litter box that covers the entire end of the cage. This really gives them enough running room, and an extended hidey-hole, and place to eat and pee at the same time. I have a shelf hanging over the litter box that also extends across the entire end of the cage and is a super hay loft. They used to hop right up into the hay loft to eat, but haven’t done that in a while. Maybe they did learn (after Bea had 3 eye ulcers and O-Ren 1) that launching themselves into the hay bin isn’t a smart idea. They were just so enthusiastic eaters.

2) I expanded their cage. They had a 2 by 4 coroplast cage. I added another 2 by 2 area (cube dimensions, not feet) that sits on another set of wire drawers that is about 9 inches higher than the original. So I built a ramp that is 1 cube wide and one and 1/2 half cubes long that goes up the 9 inch incline. A fleece baby blanket clipped to the sides gives them the traction they need to run up and down the ramp. Upstairs I have a ferret style corner litter box with a shelf hanging diagonally over it, full of hay. They again love the hidey-hole this creates and the ability to lay there and eat hay like the princesses they are. When they are in the mood for serious sleeping, they hop in the bin and turn there backs away from the room. All you can see is their not so little butt and their shallow breathing.

It’s funny, as big a cage as they have that they almost always are on the same floor. Unless they want serious sleeping. Then they are in opposite corners with their backs to the room.

They’ve calmed down a lot since they were babies. They still go through the rumble-strutting domination games with each other a couple times a month, but it never leads to violence. O-Ren has been known to give her sister a haircut, but it’s more grooming than aggression. Don’t know why she gets to barbering, but Bea allows it.

They usually get veggies twice a day (if you don’t count a little wheatgrass treat at bedtime.) They have a way of reminding you they want their veggies if you’re running late.

Thanks so much to these girls’ family for the wonderful update! It’s so great to have a little glimpse into the rich lives they lead after they leave us! She doesn’t have any adult-piggy pictures, but Andrea found these darling baby pics!





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