WEZAM Spring Animal Handling Lab

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ACR&S has just had another wonderful opportunity to assist vet students in learning more about exotic animal medicine. The UW-Madison Vet School’s Wildlife, Exotic, and Zoo Animal Medicine Club (WEZAM) invited us to do another small animal handling lab this past Saturday.

WEZAM is a student-run organization which provides students interested in these topics with opportunities for hands-on experience with non-traditional animal species which they cannot get from their regular classwork. We brought 10 guinea pigs and 10 rabbits to the lab, which was attended by around 20 students, and the students had an extensive examination and handling session.

The guest lecturer at this lab was Dr Paul Gibbons, who is a board certified avian veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Center in Milwaukee. Dr Gibbons also has a strong interest in exotics medicine and has treated a number of our piggies and bunnies. His lectures covered the basics of handling, sexing, and physical exams in guinea pigs and rabbits, and also provided some excellent take-home information on diet and husbandry, and then he guided the students during the handling and examinations.

It’s a real privilege to be invited to be a part of such a great learning experience for these young vets. The students learn so much more from seeing animals of different ages and types, with different health conditions, than they would from practicing on identical young, healthy lab animals. It’s also great to see them learning the ideal standards of husbandry and care from an expert, so that they’ll be able to teach their future clients the best practices for care.

Thanks again to WEZAM and Dr Gibbons for this excellent opportunity, as well as the very kind donation, and we look forward to participating in the 2010 Student American Veterinary Medical Association meeting as well!

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