A happy ending for Jasper

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dscf9289Our big white bunny Jasper found his forever home with his new mom and dad, Jeannie & Steve! He has the most wonderful bunny bungalow to play in, lots of gorgeous toys and accessories, and best of all, tons of friends and playtime and attention! Look at this happy bunny sacked out in his condo bed after a hard day of being loved and pampered!

We had some really wonderful news from Jasper’s vet just prior to his adoption. You may recall that on intake, he had incisor malocclusion: the incisors did not meet evenly and as a result, would grow too long without wearing one another down properly. This can be due to a poor diet, but is more often due to genetics and will recur even with a perfect diet. We expected that he would need monthly tooth trims or possibly even incisor extraction. Jasper’s adoptive parents were fully committed to the extra care all of this might entail, but at the pre-adoption vet visit, Dr. Powers found that Jasper’s teeth look absolutely normal! She said she never would have believed he could turn around so fast, and that not only does he not need an extraction, he doesn’t even need tooth trims! He still has some very slight malocclusion but not enough to cause abnormal wear patterns, and she doubts it will ever bother him. Thanks so much to Dr. Powers for rescuing this sweet boy, and to his new mom & dad for providing him with the perfect forever home!

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  1. Celia said,

    April 6, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Congrats Jasper on your good health and wonderful new family!

    Congrats ACRS for all the happily-ever-afters you are making so far this year!