A happy ending for Kiley and Sydney

Posted in Adoptions at 7:28 am by Jenn

Congratulations to Kiley and Syndey for finding their forever homes!  Kiley and Sydney were adopted in late February by their proud new dad, Forest!  Forest and his family (especially his mom) had done a ton of research and planning (and built a fabulous 2×4 C&C cage for their piggies), and then fell in love with Kiley and Sydney.

The two girls came home to find their piggie mansion well adorned, with a picture of them waiting inside!  The girls were intially pretty scared, but they immediately recognized their new dad, Forest, and warmed to him quickly, earning him the nickname “The Piggie Whisperer”.  The two wonderful girls are slowly warming up to everyone in the family with the help of Forest!

Thank you Forest and family for allowing these girls to come and live in your home.  They’re lucky to have a “forever” place to live in, and people and family to call their own.

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  1. Celia said,

    April 3, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    So nice to hear. Congrats to Kiley and Sydney on finding a whispering Dad to love!