Sponsor a Guinea Pig for April!

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April’s SAGP starlet is the lovely Misha from the MD rescue Small Angels!

mishaMisha is a beautiful Pink Eyed White peruvian guinea pig with a very sad story. She came to the rescue from a local animal rescue where her (at least) second owner had turned her in because she was moving. This owner found Misha at a yard sale, where she was discarded with an array of other unwanted items!

Misha had a severe urinary tract infection, cysts, and liver damage. Fortunately, the UTI cleared up with antibiotics, but those antibiotics caused her to stop eating and lose weight. Misha relied on the hand feeding of Small Angels fosters in order to recover. Her cysts are being observed, and may need to be removed in the future, causing further financial strain to the rescue (and strain to Misha). The vet is delaying the procedure because of her poor health.

Misha’s liver damage causes her to drink excessively, leading to excessive urination and incontinence. As a result, Misha’s cage has to be cleaned every other day, leading to great expense for the rescue. Misha must be kept partly shaved and have an ointment applied daily to ensure she does not get urine scald.

Despite Misha’s sad story, and poor health, she remains lively, active, and a joy to be around in the rescue-truly one of the pigs that remind rescuers why they began rescuing in the first place, and why this fundraising program exists.

We are especially eager to see support raised for Misha, because she looks so much like our very own Chuck, who was our first piggy and the catalyst for nearly a decade of rescue efforts. We can really appreciate how such a lovely and loving piggy can be such a wonderful inspiration to her rescuers. Please hurry over to Sponsor a Guinea Pig and show your support for Misha and Small Angels!

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