A happy ending for Rowan

Posted in Adoptions at 4:23 am by Jenn

Congratulations to Rowan to finding anRowan and Guiness awesome new home and a brand new big brother!  Our intrepid western adoption coordinator, Blair, took Rowan out to meet his new big brother Guiness.  Luckily, the two loved each other at first sight, and in a short amount of time they were snuggled into a pigloo together and both glad to have a friend.

Rowan was abandoned with all the Flower Power piggies at a local shelter in early December.  He was the only baby boy, and had spent a sad childhood watching his little sisters play together.  It was like a dream come true for him to find a home and big brother of his very own!

Thank you Adrienne and family, for opening your heart and your home to Rowan, and thanks to Guiness for taking in a little wayward piggie!

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  1. whognu said,

    March 29, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    That pig on the right looks like a fat, happy pig.