A happy ending for Dove and Crow

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Congraulations to Dove and Crow to finding their forever home with their new sister River!  Dove and Crow were turned over to our rescue by a family who’s son was extremely allergic to them.  Once they were moved into an appropriate cage and off of their pine shavings, they became adorably sweet girls that wanted nothing more but snacks and tummyDove and Crow and River rubs.

Their new mom is spoiling them crazy with special snacks, a huge and spacious cage, and lots and lots of love.  Thank you Melissa and cutie River for letting these girls come and live with you and for being their forever home.


Eye injuries in the guinea pig: foreign body entrapment

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Last night I noticed that Chester, one of our Sanctuary piggies, was squinting his right eye. He had seemed fine 24 hours previously.  Closer examination revealed reddish discharge and a matte, foggy area in the cornea, consistent with an eye injury. Our last box of hay contained a number of very stemmy bits, so I wasn’t terribly surprised by this type of injury.

Guinea pigs are surprisingly prone to eye injuries, especially those caused by foreign bodies. We house them in a world filled with dry particulate matter – wood chip bedding, dusty hay, etc – and it’s quite common for these materials to cause minor eye trauma.  A pig owner should always be on the lookout for discharge, crustiness, or abrasions on the surface of the eye itself. [For more information, visit the Guinea Lynx page on Eyes.]

It’s useful to have a bottle of sterile saline eye drops on hand to rinse an eye if a tiny particle of hay or bedding gets in it – that’s usually quite minor. However, if there’s any cloudiness in the cornea or sign of actual injury (including red, bloody discharge), a vet visit is essential. If the cornea has been damaged, the eye requires protective drops or ointments until it heals, and only a vet can determine if this is the case.

In Chester’s case, I’ve seen enough of these to know that he had an abrasion injury and he needed immediate vet treatment. We headed off to our emergency vet, the wonderful Dr. Koeppl at the Madison Emergency Clinic for Animals. I expected this to be a simple poke-type injury from the stemmy hay, but to my surprise, the examination found a bit of hay entrapped underneath the eyelid, which I had not seen on my own examination. Dr Koeppl tried to remove it with a cotton swab, but resistance showed that it was possibly partly embedded. The end of the hay was raised off of the eye’s surface, so Dr. Koeppl was able to grasp it with tweezers. It ended up being not just a small piece of hay, but a full three and three-quarter inch-long strand, which had been wrapped around and around under the eyelids. Dr. Koeppl expressed amazement and recorded the incident for posterity:


Yes, that entire piece of hay was hidden behind the eyelids.

Hay has sharp edges and there was significant abrasion to both the cornea and the underside of the lids. Chester seemed to immediately feel much better, becoming much calmer and laying down in his carrier for some much-needed rest. He’s on Metacam for discomfort and antibiotic ophthalmic ointment every 4-6 hours to help heal the corneal injury. I certainly am glad I saw something was wrong as soon as we did – if I hadn’t noticed, the pain might have led him to claw his own eye out! We go back to our regular vet in 3-4 days for another corneal stain to check how it’s healing. Send Chester your best wishes, and give your emergency vet a hug!


A happy ending for Tanner

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TannerCongratulations on a happy ending for Tanner!  He was abandoned at the local animal shelter and was absolutely terrified at being abandoned in a strange place.  We pulled him into the rescue in order to help him overcome his fear, and once in a foster home he blossomed into an amazing and friendly dog.

He went home with his new mom, Maria, in early February, and is doing absolutely amazing there with his new family.  Thank you Maria and family for opening your hearts and your homes to Tanner when he needed them the most!


A happy ending for Rowan

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Congratulations to Rowan to finding anRowan and Guiness awesome new home and a brand new big brother!  Our intrepid western adoption coordinator, Blair, took Rowan out to meet his new big brother Guiness.  Luckily, the two loved each other at first sight, and in a short amount of time they were snuggled into a pigloo together and both glad to have a friend.

Rowan was abandoned with all the Flower Power piggies at a local shelter in early December.  He was the only baby boy, and had spent a sad childhood watching his little sisters play together.  It was like a dream come true for him to find a home and big brother of his very own!

Thank you Adrienne and family, for opening your heart and your home to Rowan, and thanks to Guiness for taking in a little wayward piggie!


A happy ending for Kevin and Roger

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Congratulations to Kevin and Roger on finding theirKevin & Roger forever home!  These two sweet boys sat in foster with patient mama Lauren and despaired of ever finding a family of their own.  Courtenay and family were looking for a sweet pair of piggies that their family could enjoy, and when the two met, it was love at first sight!

Kevin and Roger came home to a beautiful two story C&C cage with beautiful cage blankets, and so many amazing toys and yummy vegetables (that her sons dutifully showed me one at the time!  😉

These two boys are so lucky to have found such an amazing home that will love them forever.  Thank you again, Courtenay and family for allowing these sweet boys to come and live with you and your family!


A new home for Rincewind

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Congratulations to Rincewind for finding his forever Rincewind, Rosie, and Oreo!home!  Rincewind went home today to meet his new wives, Rosie and Oreo.  The introduction went as smoothly as could possibly be asked for, and within an hour they were settled down and enjoying a nice fresh pile of greenery.  Together, the trio will share an amazing 2 level C&C cage that is beautifully built.

Thank you Teri and family for opening your homes and your hearts to Rincewind!  He’s a very lucky boy to have found such a dedicated family!


A happy ending for Spencer!

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Congraulations to Spencer onSpencer finding his new home!  Spencer was abandoned at the animal shelter with two other dogs, frightened and terrified at being abandoned by his “forever” family.

Once coming into the foster, Spencer slowly bloomed as a friendly and loving companion, and he went home with his new mom, Patricia, in early February.  Thank you Patricia and family for opening your home to Spencer!


A Happy Ending for Ginger

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Congratulations to Ginger, aGinger the Magic Puffball young female shih-tzu that we pulled from a local shelter.   Ginger had been surrendered when her owner had abandoned her with her mom.  The mom was a hardworking nurse that was frequently on the road, and felt like it was unfair to a young and rambunctious puppy to spend all day in her crate.

Ginger went home to live with Laurel and Mike, and has found her forever home there!  Congratulations to Ginger, and thank you for opening your home to her forever!


Sponsor a Guinea Pig for March!

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Yay for Maddie! Sponsor a Guinea Pig raised an amazing $370 for our little girl in February, that’s $100 over our original goal! We can’t say thank you enough to all the wonderful folks who have donated!

maddie-snoozeMaddie will say THANK YOU when she’s not catching up on her beauty sleep!

Now it’s time for the March piggies! Meet Josh and Yetti

from the Scottish Rescue Thistle Cavies!

Josh and Yetti are just two special needs piggies at Thistle Cavies, and they are the best of buds. Josh is 6.5 years old and has been with the rescue for 3 and a half years. Yetti is a white rex who developed heart problems about 18 months ago, at the same as Josh, who had already suffered from a host of other medical problems.

Prior to his heart issues, Josh required extensive surgery for a jawbone abscess shortly after his arrival. An infection had eaten away part of his jawbone and part of his jaw had to be removed, as well as one of his bottom incisors. Despite the most meticulous of care the rescue feared they might lose Josh, and for two months his recovery seemed unsure. But eventually he started putting on weight, and never looked back!

Now his surgery site needs to be maintained with regular procedures, but Josh is the definition of a patient piggy. He is a calm sweetheart who loves being syringefed, despite his mouth issues. He is also a super cuddle piggy who just snuggles into you as soon as he’s picked up.

Yetti is his best friend, and the two simply can’t be separated. Yetti’s heart issues make him a candidate for Sponsor a Guinea Pig alone, but with the close bond they have it’s doubtful Yetti would let Josh go on without him anyway! We hope to help ease the financial burden of this small, home based rescue by fundraising for part of their care, just as the medications will be easing the physical burden on these small boys’ dear hearts.

SAGP is trying fundraise enough to pay for the expensive dental growth removal (£45.oo or $63. 71), six weeks worth of medication: Fortekor (£22.50 or $31.85), Frusemide (£2.20 or $3.11), Rimadyl (£18.30 or $25.91) and Critical Care (£29.29 or $41.47), as well as two additional packages of Critical Care for the boys 2x(£29.29 or $41.47). This is for a total of £175.87 or ~$248.99, using an exchange rate of £1:$1.41574 as of 2/28/2009.

Please visit Sponsor a Guinea Pig to see both US and UK currency donation links at bottom Josh & Yetti’s entry!