A slew of happy endings

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On the other side of the coin, we have had a slew of happy endings recently as well.

Firstly, our bouncy buddy Pantalaimon the chinchilla found his forever home shortly before Christmas.  His new adoptive mom, Diane, had a girlpan chinchilla named Olivia who was looking for her forever partner, and Diane just couldn’t get over Pan’s handsome (if goofy) face on Petfinder!  She contacted us, we arranged to get Pan neutered, and then he travelled home where he and Olivia are now working on introductions together.

His mom says:

Once we got home, I contained the kitties upstairs and went downstairs with him, set his crate on the floor and opened the door.  He didn’t want to come out so I lounged on the bed down there and put the crate next to me.  He came out and sat on my chest and belly for about a half hour.  Oh, my god! I am in love!  He was letting me kiss him and pet him all over!

Olivia and Pan are slowly getting to know each other (Pan loves Olivia, and Olivia thinks he’s ok — like a lot of human courtship as well?  ;)) and will eventually cohabitate, but chins are so fragile and persnickety that their new mom is taking things slow.

phoeboeNext, our little snuggle buddy Phoebe (often called “Peepers” in her foster home) has found an amazing adopter who fell in love with her adorable Petfinder picture and couldn’t understand why an adorable baby dumbo rattie couldn’t find someone to live with!  We met, and Phoebe made her choice.  She snuggled into her mom’s cuddle pouch and went to sleep while we were talking!  Adoption plans were made, and overall Phoebe is doing well in her new home.  Her mom is giving her some time to settle in before she introduces her to the rest of her mischief so there’s not a ton of scary happenings at once, but we at ACR&S have our fingers crossed for a great fit.

Her mom says:

Oh my, what a talker she is!  And she likes for me to talk back.  What a personable little rat!  She’s spent a lot of time in the igloo you brought.  I think that has really worked well to make her feel more at home.  I guess we’ll have to wait for introductions, but I just cannot imagine that she is not going to work out beautifully.

The whole experience was great, and I got to spend a lot of time being snuggled by her mom’s other rats, who were so pampered and spoiled that they happily walked right up to me and crawled into my arms for snuggles.

Finally, a big congratulations to Zinnia and Marigold.zinniaandmarigold2

These pair of girls, abandoned at the local animal shelter with five other pigs, have hit the jackpot!  Their new mom Susan and new best friend, Kaylee, have spoiled these little red piggies rotten.  Initially somewhat afraid of their new surroundings (and who wouldn’t be!) they’re now spoiled and plump, and happily beg their new family for yummy snacks, especially their daily salad.  I stopped by to see them a week after the adoption to drop off some extra cubes for their cage, and it was clear how fast these little ladies have bonded to their family!  They were immediately out of their hidey house and up to the cage trying to wrangle a few extra treats.

Thank you Susan and family for giving these girls the kind of home they never even knew existed!

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  1. Celia said,

    January 24, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    So much good news in the “happily-ever-after” department!

    ACR&S is getting the new year off to a great start!