The season of giving.

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The holiday season is upon us, and since starting to rescue, I have come to dread it.

Christmas/Thanksgiving time has traditionally been my favorite.  I love buying presents, love wrapping them, love having the tree in my house…  the whole 9 yards.  I am one of those crazy people that spends more money on their electrical bill at Christmas than probably the rest of the year.

But the season of giving is different in rescue.  The season of giving generally entails giving away a lot of pets.  The reasons are varied, but predictable.  Usually it’s becuase they’re travelling for the holiday and don’t want to bother to board the animals.  Maybe they’re getting a new pet.  Maybe this pet is old and it depresses them for Christmas.  Sometimes the reasons are never known.

So here are ACR&S holiday intakes for 2008.  They are seeking the gift of permanence.   Of never being in the shelter again, smelling the strange smells of despair.  Of never having to take a 6 hour car trip because their lives depended on it.  And of never being given away again.  The gift of a home.

Willow, Remy, and Rhett

Willow, Remy, and Rhett came to ACR&S from way down south.  Georgia, in fact!  Friend of ACR&S Talishan was contacted by a local vet.  A family in the area was going to dump these guinea pigs off at the local kill shelter, and that shelter euthanized all exotics because they did not have the resources to care for them.  The vet called Talishan, Talishan called me, and we set up a transport train to bring them north.

Willow remained with Andrea in our Charlotte sorority house, and the boys came east to stay in Raleigh with me.  They were pretty shaken up by the long ride, but they graciously accepted a prepared meal of lettuces, dandelion, bell peppers, and carrots when they arrived, showing me that they weren’t too traumatized by this whole trip.

Flower Power Piggies

Zinnia, nearly identical to Poppy and Marigold

The Flower Power piggies are an emergency pull from a local animal shelter.

A mother and father, two aunts, and her litter of four were abandoned, and one of the litter was male!  Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t have the space or resources to be able to seperate by sex, and were were afraid that (if left to their own devices) the adolescent male would shortly come into puberty and soon we would have a whole flower patch!

We opted to go ahead and pull them in the hopes that we could prevent the accidental pregnancies.  As of their vet checkup, we appear to have been successful, although we still have our fingers crossed.  Rodents can be notoriously sneaky about pregnancies, and it’s not unheard of for a female to deliver one or two extremely small babies even though being cleared earlier in the pregnancy.

And so, Bryony, Zinnia, Marigold, Tigerlilly, Poppy, Rowan, and Hawthorne came to ACR&S.  This group is very similar!  Zinnia, Marigold, and Poppy could all be twins.  They’re all a beautiful solid rust color (with Zinnia and Marigold having one white foot each).  Rowan, Hawthorne, and Tigerlily are also all alike, with a broken rust and white dutch pattern.  Mama Bryony is the outlier, and looks like a carton of neopolitan ice cream!

Mama Bryony

Baby Rowan

So join ACR&S in welcoming our  new piggie friends home for the holidays!  They are all asking Santa to bring them a forever home where they won’t ever have to spend a Christmas alone again!

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