Welcome to Crow and Dove

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Another great big welcome to Crow and Dove, our newest resident foster ratties.  These girls were surrendered to ACR&S when their young owner became allergic to them and the doctor recommended that the rats be rehomed.  Crow (thought to be between 6-8 months old) is the mother to young Dove (thought to be 3-4 months old).  When they arrived, they had been living in a 10 gallon aquarium on pine shavings.  More than likely, their young friend was allergic to their bedding — and not them.  Numerous studies have shown that many mammal species have unpleasant reactions to both pine and cedar due to their softwood oils.  Aquariums are also singularly stuff habitats, especially for creatures as large and active as rats, and the combined allergens of urine and pine were probably too much to handle.

When they arrived, both were prone to trying to snack on people’s hands that entered the cage.  This, too, is very common when rats are only interacted with to be given food.  Rats are notoriously smart, and they soon figure out that the hands only come in with food, and start associating them with eating.  Sometimes in their excitement, they can be a little too eager to nibble.

After only 2 days of socialization, both rats had already stopped nibbling fingers and trying to snack on knuckles.  Though initially quite shy, they are coming out of their shells, and often await treats by dangling from the top of their cage.  They have also taken a fierce joy in their new spacious home.  They spend much of their time scampering around and wrestling, and are sweet girls that are inquisitive and curious.

Crow, the mother, has shown herself to be the leader.  She is first in all things, and absolutely fearless.  She gained her name on her first evening with us as she ran from hand to shoulder to hand trying to steal my jewelry and hoard it — just like a sly crow!  She is a pretty Berkshire patterned girl (which means she has a white stomach).  Dove, her daughter, is gentle and shy, and prefers to snuggle close to you once picked up.  She is not as brave as Crow, and has taken quite a while to warm up to human companionship.  She has finally made the first big step and started accepting treats from human hands!

So welcome to Dove and Crow — two cuties that are searching for their perfect home.

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