More Craigslist Woes

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This week in ACR&S has not gone well in terms of intakes.

Charlotte Coordinator Andrea has been searching for the perfect friend for one of her own guinea pigs, Maddie, who is a lethal.  Because of her special needs (she’s blind and deaf) she needs a piggie who is a little more laid back than your average pig.

She saw a woman giving away a long haired pig, and fell in love with the picture.   She wanted to try this piggie with Maddie to see if they could be friends, since we didn’t have any single girls in.  She dutifully met this piggie owner, and picked up her beautiful new friend.

One problem:  her friend had testicles.

Luckily, Andrea is both a.) savvy enough to know to quadruple check the sex of any new animals, and b.) practicing a strict quarantine.  Apparently, the woman had been trying to breed this pig (now known as Wesley) with predictably little success.  And yet she never though to simply look at the pig to try and sex it!

Wesley will be neutered, and then he can be Maddie’s friend.

I also got bitten by Craiglist this week.  Part of my sanctuary is a rat named Phedre who was meant to be snake food.  I took in a friend for her, named Cecilie, who is hearty and hale because rats are extremely social animals, much like guinea pigs and rabbits.

However, lately Phedre has been slowing down and has become more and more sedentary.  She likes to spend her days dozing and hoarding food, and I wanted Cecilie to have a younger, more energetic friend to wrestle and romp with.

I succeeded in finding one young female via Craigslist, that was living in a predictably tiny cage, on pine, and eating some typical junk food from the pet store, but was in otherwise good health.  And after I had taken her in and made up my mind that I had found my rat, another of my inquiries — ignored for nearly 2 weeks, responded.

They emailed my response that their rat was still available, and that she was very sweet, and that her cage was pink but if I wanted, they would throw in a can of white spray paint.  Imagining this rat dying from the paint fumes with an untutored owner, I haplessly agreed to take her also.

I was expecting a lack of basic knowledge for this poor rat, but I was horrified when I picked her up.  The cage she was in was made for hamsters, and not rated big enough for a single rat to live in.  It had been spray painted fluorescent pink already.  It was dingy and dank, and this poor rat had only a single, dirty washcloth to snuggle with, and one tiny box as a toy.

Upon physical examination, two health serious problems were revealed.  First, she had lung scarring problems like Phedre.  When she was active, she wheezed and huffed like she’d run a marathon.  And her poor feet were ulcerated from bumblefoot, most likely from the filthy wire floors on the cage.  When I removed her nasty washcloth, it was covered in patches of dried blood — most presumably from her poor swollen feet bleeding onto it.  Sadly, she even had to be taught to take treats from human hands.

She has been christened Ysandre, and started on the same medications that Phedre is on to help with her breathing, and we’re starting treatment on her poor hurt feet.   She will stay with us forever so that she can continue her lung treatments.

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that’s the essence of inhumanity”

–  George Bernard Shaw


  1. Mr. Allcreatures said,

    October 14, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Wesley is beautiful. Too bad you can’t neuter his former owner at the same time as you neuter him.

  2. Jhondra said,

    October 14, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    He is a very handsome man!

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    January 18, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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