Welcome Pantalaimon!

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A hearty welcome to ACR&S newest resident, Pantalaimon the chinchilla!Pan the Chin

Pan was found by a kind police officer wandering around outside by himself.  The fact that he’s still alive is a miracle in and of itself.  Chinchillas, with their especially thick, dense fur, are super-prone to heatstroke and dehydration, and our average daily temperature here in North Carolina is easily in the high nineties.

The police officer turned him into the local animal control where his extremely amusing and grumpy intake picture quickly won our hearts.  We made arrangements for him and then brought him into ACR&S to deal with some of his more specialized dietary needs (which most shelters are ill prepared for) and to work on socializing him.

So far, he’s proven to be a friendly, if hyper, little fellow, who has quickly learned that people bring treats and is happy to ride around on your shoulder.

Sadly, this year has been a boom year for animals being abandoned outside.  Never abandon a domestic species outside under any circumstances!  For the most part, that leads only to their early demise, and often in a painful way.  Turn them into the local shelter.  Even if they euthanize them, they are not going to be starving, overheated, and attacked by predators.

Pan has been a learning experience for everyone with ACR&S, as he is our first chinchilla.  With a lot of research, we prepared carefully to bring him to our home, and so far he seems to be having a blast.  His spacious cage is a source of enjoyment for him, and he often spends hours simply hopping from shelf to shelf, checking out the lay of the land.

He has also quickly learned how to use his flying saucer wheel, although he admittedly is embarrassed for us to watch him and will scamper off to hide in his favorite wooden house.  He seemed grateful when we provided him with a dustbath to clean off his greasy fur (although we did quickly learn that a dusty chinchilla will add dust to all of your personal belongings in a very short amount of time.)

Pan is looking for a home that will love and cherish him for the rest of his days.  He’s guesstimated to be middle aged (between 5-7 years old), but chinchillas can live to be 20 or older! He has plenty of time remaining to spend with his preferred person.

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