Sponsor a Guinea Pig for October!

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Sponsor-A-Guinea-Pig has a new pair of piggies up for October! Cinnamon and Salizar are a senior pair of sweethearts-at six years old, they have been through adoptions, returns, lost mates, and now they’re going to spend the rest of their life at the rescue, living the good life. They met and fell in love in the rescue in their senior years.

SAGP hopes to raise $200 to fund two months of their care!

When Salizar (on the left) was just a young boy in the rescue he lost his eye in an attempt to assert dominance. He still found a loving adopter, and was able to be paired with other males successfully. He had to be returned to the rescue when his owner moved to New Zealand.

Cinnamon and her mate were returned to the rescue when her owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her owner was devastated to return them. The rescue wrote, “Collecting them from their Mom and watching their farewells was incredibly hard. Sadly she passed away several weeks later and Cinnamon’s beau also passed following surgery to remove a stone from his bladder.” Around the same time Salizar’s bonded mate, who was in poor health, passed away, and both pigs were lonely and depressed. The two were introduced and have now been bonded for years.

Cinnamon and Salizar have slowed over the years. Salizar suffers from arthritis and asthma, and needs his eye socket cleaned daily. He also suffers from impaction issues. Cinnamon is presently fighting an infection. The two pigs are still close friends who love each other deeply. “They snuggle together and still love to dine in style together..Salazar and Cinnamon are an ‘old’ couple, they do not run about their cage but rather paddle about it.” Thank you to Wee Companions for caring for homeless animals in their old age!

We are grateful to SAGP for featuring our own Piglet as August’s Piggy of the Month, and hope all our supporters will pay it forward by visiting SAGP to continue to support other needy Sanctuary piggies!

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